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    Yeah I know my title doesn't make any sense:

    I hate coming back to the site after a few days and seeing some threads I would have liked to respond to when the posters could provide feedback. Hope that doesn't make me an eogist-- so this is my "two cents" on a hodgepodge of different topics to "catch-up"

    About the prayer and JWs coming to the door at the same time thing: this is a cognitive psychological phenomenon known as an "ILLUSORY CORRELATION". In lay upshot is that you have two unrelated things which are actually occuring independently all the time but because of a COINCIDENTAL occurence we tend to give that single event more prominence in our mind and form the "illusory correlation"--i.e. we feel there is a correlation between the two but that correlation is actually an illusion.

    to illustrate: my mother (bless her) thinks about me all of the time! on occasion i give her a call. Sometimes, she was just thinking of me and I call. The result: inevitiably she says "I knew you would call, BECAUSE (the correlation) I was thinking of you."

    Similarly, persons engage in prayer all the time, and the friends are in service all the time, there are therefore bound to be occasions (and these may be reported) when someone was praying for the true religion, company, to be saved, out of dispair or depression, etc. and the JWs "knock at the door"....there is no real correlation and no it was angelic direction. Just the good ol' illusory correlation.

    Any real correlation has to be significant and demonstrated with enough statistical repetition to be true. If we factor in all of the millions of times that JWs knocked while someone wasn't praying and all of the millions of times someone was praying and no knocked occurred then we would see very easily how statistically insignificant the occurrence of prayer and knock truly is and suffice to say that number would be very small.


    for the person considering a fling (affair). WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE....If you think your life is a movie you will be sorry as you can be.

    Your problem (and solution to the problem) doesn't lie outside of your marriage it lies inside of your marriage. 1) Talk to your husband DIRECTLY about your sexual needs and disatisfaction 2) seek professional counseling together or alone if need be and 3) if you are truly unhappy consider leaving him (separation) or ultimately divorce


    The "pioneer assist others program" I am still laughing.......hee, hee, hee ROFL



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