Who wants to be a Millionaire?

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  • ScoobySnax

    Didn't that man on contestants row have a nasty cough ..... and the Major's missus sure kept looking to her left shiftily!!

  • Brummie
    Didn't that man on contestants row have a nasty cough

    Unfortunately it sounded more like he had a bout of double Pneumonia.

  • ScoobySnax

    <cough> sorry Brum.....was that your final answer?

  • Matty

    I think he'd have gotten away with it if he'd quit at £250,000 - what do you think?


  • Angharad

    I agree Matty thats what we were saying. Up until that point it wasnt that obvious and could have been coincidence but once he got to the final few questions the coughs were very obvious. One thing I didnt agree with on the Martin Bashier (sp) program was that they had amplified the coughs which made them even more obvious, and so people couldnt get the original impression of things, and if that is what the jury heard (amplified) I wouldnt say it was unbiased.

    Also I thought it strange that the people producing suspected something at the 32000 point and had temporaily stopped the recording. They later realised which contestant it was coughing - dont you think they should have put a camera on him and record what was happening as evidence?

  • be wise
    be wise

    Yeah, I reckon but I think he would have been pushing it a bit though, but to go all the way. I think she knew they were busted, I mean she looked like she had her head screwed on but lets face it, he was completely useless.

  • ScoobySnax

    watch out for the upcoming film thats gonna be made out of this too.............

  • Prisca

    I saw the "Who Wants to Steal A Million?" program the other night. The wife definitely needs acting lessons. For one, she was looking to her left too much, too obviously, she should have been more discreet, considering that the camera was continuously filming her.

    Also, when he won the million and she came onstage to join him, she didn't look too happy, did she? I mean, for someone who'd just won a million pounds, she looked more like she was going to be executed. Maybe she realised that the producers had suspected something and thus got the guilts, preventing her from being able to act as if she was actually happy about winning the million pounds?

    Fascinating show, though. I feel sorry for the kids. It will have brought much shame on the family.

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