Have you ever helped a JW out of the organization?

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  • logansrun

    I know it's next to impossible, but has anyone had any success in persuading friends or family leave the WT? Currently, I'm not DFd or DAd and I have a good relationship with my mother. One other witness friend calls me every now and then. Sometimes I would like to start showing them, with documentation (false prophecies, NGO affair, ludircrous statements), just how wrong this religion is. But, I fear the reprecussions this could lead to.

    So, has anyone initiated a conversation with a JW who eventually left due to you? What worked? Conversely, what didn't?



  • Francois

    I don't know if you could call it helping someone else out of the Borg, but two elders and myself used to huddle together and discuss the inconsistencies of the Borg and eventually, we all came out right about the same time. I think we all supported each other.


  • hoodwinked

    Funny you should ask logan...I am a JW in "good standing" (whatever that means?) and I am trying to get my DF'ed sibling out of the Borg as we speak (he's bear for punishment). I am making great progress too I may add!Thanks in great part to this board!


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