Kingdom Hall talk about 9/11

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  • anti-absolutist

    I was listening to a talk on where this circuit overseer was discussing the impact that the events in N.Y.C. had on the brothers at Bethel. The major reason it was on the site was different than this point but I found this appalling enough for it to stand out in my mind.

    It amazed me that this person, in discussing what happened, constantly encouraged the listeners to imagine the effects that the "brothers in Bethel" must have felt to have to see such horrific events. Not once did he mention anything about the poor people that actually died or the loved ones that would miss them.

    Just another example of the lack of empathy they show. To suggest that witnesses of a tragedy should deserve more concern than the people directly involved in the tragedy is extremely shallow-minded.

    Anybody have any examples of a similar thing?


  • unique1

    Yeah, actually that is the reason I started pulling away. This is the biggest tragedy I have ever seen in my lifetime and was deeply affected by the thought of 3000 + lives being ended suddenly and the pain their family and friends must be feeling. At the KH for the next 2 weeks every prayer the brother asked for Jehovah to be with the families of the 6 (I hear the number is higher now) Jehovah Witnesses that were killed. Only 1 intelligent brother asked for Jehovah to be with all those who lost a loved one. 2 weeks and ONLY 1 prayer for everyone. We don't know the condition of anybody's heart and who are we to say they don't have god's approval, plus aren't christians supposed to show love towards all not just those related in the faith? Whole thing pissed me off royally.

  • rocketman

    I heard similar stuff in prayers following 9-11. JWs don't pray in behalf of anyone except themselves in most instances.

  • sandy

    This is so true. The only time you hear a JW pray for anyone other than their fellow members is when they are praying either for God to save them or for their destruction. (The latter more often)

    Imagine if they were to pray for non-jws over all well being on a regular basis or only at disastrous times.

    This would probably get their minds thinking: "Maybe God does approve of more people than just us. Maybe we do not have to attend all these meetings or go out on field service. If God will look after all these people who are not doing these things why should we?"

    JW have to constantly think that God approves of them only and he will only save them. Prayers for non-JW would contradict that.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    I still feel for all of the people who were hurt by the 9-11 Attacks. It is disgusting that the JWs did not even pray for the victims and survivors of 9-11.

    When I first heard about the 9-11 Attacks on September 11th, 2001, immediately I was shocked -- really shocked. I immediately just started praying to Jesus that he help the survivors and Fire-Fighters and Policemen and George Bush, and everyone who was hurt by the Attacks.

    I thank God so much that He saved me from the JW religion a few months before 9-11, or I might have thought that 9-11 was connected with the JW's Armageddon.

  • crinklestein

    I've been out for about 3 years when 9/11 happened so I never got to hear of any stupid things they had to say about it. If anyone is interested, I have a tribute site called that is devoted to showing the scenes from movies that have the twin towers in them. I have hundreds of pictures and a few video clips with alot more to be added soon. This is my pride and joy and I wanted to share it with you. Come on over and visit.

  • freedom96

    Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that the vast majority of the time, like 99.999999999 % the witnesses, especially from stage, will never pray for anyone who is not a JW.

    How selfish and unloving is that??

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