Did you ever get caught out whilst throwing a work sickie??

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  • ScoobySnax

    This last week I been off work with a raging toothache, and believe me its been rough, had to phone work and explain that I couldn't eat and how I was on antibiotics for a suspected abcess, and wouldn't be in for a further week whilst I got myself sorted at the dentist etc etc.(genuine). However last evening I was starving and had to shoot down to the local Mcdonalds to satisfy a high fat cholesterol urge I had, just as I walked out there was my bosses boss, the director of nursing in the queue behind me, Oh she said, glancing at my bag of quarter pounder with cheese and fries, Sandy (my immediate boss) said you have been unwell with your mouth and couldn't eat, nice to see you're feeling better. See you back to work soon then......... No amount of back-peddling could get me out of that one....... Ever been totally caught out like that? I could have died!!!.

  • SheilaM

    Scooby: Your an adult so you didn't get "Caught" calling into work doesn't mean that you are to be stuck inside until you get better. If they don't understand that it's there problem

  • ScoobySnax

    Sheila....I just love your reasoning, thats well true. But when you get caught, why do you feel like you're back at school again!!!

  • JH

    Being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    That's none of their business where you eat. Even with a toothache, people eat 3 meals a day.

    That reminds me when I didn't go out in the field service on saturday mornings, and then I would go have lunch at Mcdonalds. Guess who was having their breaks at the same time...

  • Been there
    Been there


    You did nothing wrong, you are allowed to eat when you are sick. You could have let them know about the miracle of antibiotics and how it has taken much of the pain away so you can finally get some nurishment. Running to McDonalds for a few minutes is a little differant then standing on your feet and having to perform for 8 hours at work. An infection can ware you out quickly. So you are on the mend, you still have the dentist to deal with right? Sorry you didn't get to enjoy your Big Mac. I've had abcesses before, they are no fun. Get well soon.

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