After watching "the last man on earth" I've been thinking about the paradise

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  • purrpurr

    If you haven't seen will forte's "the last man on earth" on Amazon prime, do as its really funny. The setting of the story is that 2 years prior a virus has killed all humans except one...

    Amongst the high jinks are the struggles he has with things like; getting water from the water system when the areas water supply is no longer being maintained, ditto sewerage, not having ready access to fresh foods that require industry like butter and cheese, not having access to medical help, being unable to communicate with anyone outside of shouting distance, having no electricity / electronic appliances.

    It's got me thinking, all the wt's illustrations show the time when Armageddon is over as being really joyful and there being plenty for everyone. But in fact that would just not be the case, especially since most jw's have no survival skills or expert knowledge of any kind.

    Jws just don't think about this, how are all those couples who are waiting untill the new system to have kids, going to have kids in a survival setting? No drs no stand by if anything goes wrong etc.

    And those jws who are waiting until the new system to get married... well there's a lack of decent mates available now, what about when half of them are dead cos their heart condition wasn't quite right? You might end up having to settle for brother pervy weirdo!

    As always I make the disclaimer that I'm an atheist, but its fun to debate these beliefs, helps to deprogramme ourselves.

  • Confusedandangry

    Jehover will take care of all of those things. It will be nothing but miracle after miracle. Just like what happened during and after the flood.

    ps i agree good show!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
  • TD
    For a darker and less humorous look at what an apocalypse would be like for survivors, read (Or watch) Stephen King's The Stand.....
  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The Desert God will vaporize the dead bodies. He will turn the crumbled buildings into sand. Freshwater will flow from rocks and food will fall out of heaven right onto one's table cooked and ready to go. Finding forks and knives may be a problem though. My concern is when I run out of razors since the Gibbering Booty has outlawed beards. Maybe God, after the Great Tribulation, will overrule them and let the hair that he put on men and women grow like it was meant to.

  • Listener

    There is also the changes that would be required to the human body. What happens to that hip or leg replacement that you had done pre Armageddon? What about all those other surgically implanted bits and pieces?

  • sir82

    Answer to every question you raised and the few thousand others that could be raised:

    "Jehovah will provide / figure it out / take care of it, we just have to get there".

  • Black Man
    Black Man

    Good thread!

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    omg, we love that show! — It was shockingly crude to us at first, we not being used to that sort of humour (haha, still so innocent or naive at times)! 😄🙃😄

    But it is really eye opening about survival when all our modern conveniences are gone and how one would deal with the actual realities of such a disaster.

    Not to mention how morality (and ethics) fits with or rises from our situation and environment ...

    This show is quite thoughtful and desperately sad at times yet hilarious most of the other times...

    (We have been watching it on Netflix.)

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