No subjects?

by Carmel 5 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Carmel

    Facinating that no conversation is on-going on this site! Maybe everything that needs to be said has been...


  • Simon

    Yes, we need to get some good subjects going.
    I'm probably more guilty than anyone for not joining in as much as I should.

  • waiting

    Why, yes, Simon, we've noticed your lack of presence. We miss you.

    If you remember, however, when Friend was quite present here, he made the statement that the Bible Research area was the only one that interested him - and he felt that ones who enter this arena should be ready to discuss the Bible only.

    In Friend's opinion, Simon was kind enough to make other areas for chitchat and we should use those.

    I guess we got his point. At least for me, it made me quite gun-shy of this area.

  • Carmel

    1 Cor. 13:9-10


  • Seven

    Carmel,I always thought of this chapter as the lovechapter-the way to use the gifts the spirit gives. Gifts without love are meaningless. Why speak of love and not live it? What kind of an
    answer are you looking for?

  • Simon

    Thanks waiting
    I do read all the posts but I've been too busy lately to make many (any?) proper posts.

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