Is Your Best Good Enough?

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    w55 1/15 pp. 41-44

    THERE is a proverb that speaks of four things as never being satisfied, as never saying, “Enough.” Sometimes Jehovah’s witnesses, as they listen to congregation servants discuss field service, may think these servants could have been listed as a fifth class that never says, “Enough.” It may seem that they are never satisfied, as they urge better meeting attendance, more home Bible studies and increased door-to-door activity. But this is as it should be. To have servants who say “It is enough” before the work is finished would be disastrous to the congregation. Servants should encourage us to greater activity and urge us to improve our ministry, should keep us from becoming self-satisfied and overconfident. Remember, “let him that thinks he has a firm position beware that he does not fall.”—1 Cor. 10:12, NW; Prov. 30:15, 16.

    Here is a meeting where every Jehovah's Witness member is made to believe that the Watchtower Organization equal Jehovah. So when every Jehovah’s Witnesses spend their time, energy, donate money, go out in field service, attend assemblies, volunteer for Bethel and donate their time on Watchtower Society construction projects, they are convinced that they are doing this for Jehovah God.

    Because the organization leadership knows that this is the case, they relentlessly ask more of the rank and file in the name of Jehovah. They are bombarded with the feeling that they are never doing enough for Jehovah.

    Are you unemployed? Do your teens have summer vacation from school? Well, you should spend some time in field service. Why not volunteer for free labor construction projects that benefit Jehovah the Watchtower Society!

  • DesirousOfChange

    They never get enough!

    They will consume all of your time, sweat, and money if you allow them to do so.

  • hoser

    Listening to this crap is mentally unhealthy

  • Rocketman123

    Yes I remember absorbing that ignorance with great boredom and annoyance, glad I dont have to anymore and I actually have a very good reason not to, its human ignorance via ancient mythology.

    I think we should lay the ancient Hebrews to rest but keep their socialized behavior as a historical reference.

  • truth_b_known

    The song If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray comes to mind -

    This will never end 'cause I want more
    More, give me more
    Give me more

    This is what caused my wife to wake up. Her best was never good enough for the Watchtower.

  • mickbobcat

    The difference between the org and Jehovah is the org is real. Jehovah is not

  • Jazzbo

    Always hated that article. I knew a real pig of a Circuit Overseer that was continually quoting from it decades later. I believe he actually got Brooklyn to reprint it in a much later Watchtower.


    Here is Governing Body member Samuel Hurd urging members for more ''theocratic activity''. Your best may not be good enough. Can ''mundane activities'' be replaced?

    He doesn't spell out what the mundane activities are, but I can guess! Going to a movie, going to a museum, attending a baseball game or shopping at the mall.

    Keeping the sheeple busy is a great way of enforcing cult control!

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