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  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hello everyone. I figured it would be a good idea to post a topic to fill you all in on what's been going on with Tink and I, befor I just returned with a single post to a topic. We're both doing great. We have had a lot going on and have been very busy.

    Our computer was hit by a virus...AGAIN...for the second time within the last year. A friend of mine has got us back up and going again, I had him upgrade our system alittle while he reformatted our hard drive. He put in a 60Gig hard drive and a DVD CD/RW. Tink has been busy burning disk's and learning how to use it. He also put in a real good Virus protection software. PC Cillan from Trend Micro. It is doing the trick. I am suprised to see how many hits it has gotten in only a few weeks running. So far it has kept our system sfae and sound.

    Tink's Uncle had passed away about a month ago. He was not a JW but was being cared for by one of her sisters and her husband who are JW's. He was a veteran of Three Wars, WW2, Korea, and Veitnam. Most of the people who showed were from the local KH and not one of them acknowledged us at all, not even an offering of condolence. We were already prepared for the responce we got, but it still angered us as to how stupid and blinded they are when it comes down to showing just alittle human kindness. They played Kingdom songs and had at least put an American Flag, folded, by his head in the coffin. They had a nice display of pictures from some of his most memorable moments in the Navy, and had a case of his numerous medals he was honered with over his carrier.

    It was really strange to see a mix of JW propaganda and Dubs walking around talking to each other and her siblings who are still JW's and even looking at the medals and making comments about them, while Kingdom songs were playing in the background. There was alot of tension in the air, but all in all it went without any disturbances.

    We have been busy painting the trim on our house and finishing some remodeling we atrted a couple years ago...LOL.

    I'm still contracting with the same company that layed me off two months ago. It seems to be working out well. We're expecting some large orders in within the next month or so.

    I missed being on the Forum, but this little break allowed us to get alot done. Now that our computer is up and running well, You all should be hearing more from us.

    I just wanted to let y'all know we haven't gone back to DubLand..LOL...and we're doing fine!!!


  • xenawarrior

    ((((((((((((CC))))))))))))) (((((((((((((Tink)))))))))))))))

    Glad to hear that things are going well. I am sorry to hear about Tink's uncle. Sounds like he lived a full and remarkable life.

    And I'm sooooo glad to hear that you are working. I was worried about that!!!

    Waiting for it to finally get warm up here in Green Bay so I can do some of the outdoor projects on my house that I have planned and plant my flowers etc. Don't forget to post pics of the lovely flowers Tink has around your house once they are in bloom again- it looked beautiful last summer.

    Glad to hear you are all okay and doing well.


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    It's so good hearing from you. Just seeing your name brought a smile to my face. Ah, so you're busy living life to the fullest, eh. Good. Here, too, with the seasons change there will be much to keep hubby and I busy. The garden area is HUGE. And of course the leaves in the yard will be an endless chore or so it seems at the moment.

    My husband and I made a major move this past February in hopes of finding some affordable property where we can purchase a 'fixer-upper' and do what we love. It's amazing when two people really work as a unit what can be accomplished. And I'm one of the fortunate in having a real help-mate. We really do sorta compliment, or balance, each other.

    As for the funeral; sounds like some irony for sure. With my husband being retired from the military after 22 years, and his countless metals/awards, etc...I'm glad someone saw fit too display those on behalf of the uncle. It's a final reconition of one's life, and should have been as it was. So cheers to whomever carried that out. What can one say about JW's in general....I've no intention of going to my JW mom's funeral should she pass before me. I've made my peace with that, and things will be carried out according to her belief system, so that's that.

    Keep up the good work you two.


  • BadJerry

    I never once thought you'd gone back, I have wondered where you guys were and what you've been up to. it's nice to see you pop in and say

    sorry about the uncle Tink, Ever think how God must view the witnesses as to how they act?

    this is from IMANALIENTO, i haven't been able to log on since feb. because my password shows up instead so I'm using hubby's ID.

  • blondie

    Hi Tink and CCRyder. What a busy time you have been having. Sorry about the funeral. When I was active, I always kindness to the whole family. How that must warp a personality to walk by one person in coldness then turn on the charm for the next. I hope we hear from you more often now.


  • Shutterbug

    This is a good news, bad news post. Bad news, Tinks' uncle died, you have my condolonces. Good news, it's great to hear from you again. Please post again soon, and often. Bug

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Thanks everyone for such nice replies!

    XW: Tinks is doing fine since the funeral. My job looks good too. Since my layoff, they have me working steady OT. 50 hrs one week and 60 the next, this has been going on for 2 months now. It's given us the oportunity to get our finances fixed up alittle. I'm not sure how long the OT will last, but it looks like I'll have plenty of work through to the fall. If we get some anticipated orders in they may be able to hire me back full time.

    GrannyL: Yes we're living life to the fullest! Tink was in the yard all day yesterday getting all her flower beds prepared for planting. She loves planting flowers and she's really got a green thumb! Hope you guy's get to find a nice fixer-upper. That's what we did. Our place doesn't need too much more work. We're just doing what we can, when we can...LOL

    Ima: Hello to you guy's too! I've often thought about how God will deal with JW's who act badly towards people who don't belong to their cult. I really don't know what He'll do, but I hope he deals justly with those most responsible at Brooklyn Headquarters who made up all the rules that have devistated so many families and individuals.

    Blondie: We did just as you. We responded with kindness and said hello to everyone, even if they turned and walked away without a word, we held our tongue. It helps you to know that your a good person despite THEM!

    ShutterBug: Thanks for the condolences. We missed you all on JWD. We may not get on too regularly, but will post as much as we can. We'll still be pretty busy through the summer. My neighbor and I are painting the trim on our house. I'll post some pic's when we're done.

    Well, sorry for such a long reply..but..I wanted to say how much it means to us to know that we have such great friends here on JWD. Thanks again.


  • Brummie

    Hi CC its good to hear that you and tinkerbell are keeping your heads up against all thats going on, sorry to hear about Tinks uncle.

    Good to hear from you


  • Simon

    Nice to hear from you, glad we don't have to send in a rescue team to drag you out of the KH

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Thank You Brummie!

    Thanks Simon, it's good to know you have friends who will look after you in case you get a case of utter stupidity!!...LOL...Noooooo Way there is a chance in hell you'll find Tink and I at the KH....LOL.

    When we first moved to this county, the neighbors would stop and ask us to go to church. Tink would tell them, " No, thank you for the invitation, but we're Pagans"...they gave her quite an alarming look..but since then we have gotten along well with our neighbors and have gone with them to "socials" and even attended a christmas program which was rather nice. We're not interested in religion at all, but do find our neighbors very nice people and do not begrudge anyones personal beliefs. To each his own....Ya know what I mean..!


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