Can United States rule 23 million Iraqis ?

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  • Preston

    Televised images showing Iraqis welcoming soldiers, pulling up to the curb with piping hot liberty, democracy, openness, free speech and freedom to travel have had considerable discussion on the boards, and I'm humble enough to concdede that I underestimated our American troops, and overestimated our enemy's resolve to fight us to the death. In that sense, there is potential to deliver to the Iraqi people something that Saddam Hussein and his many statues good never deliver. But part of the problem for me is that the Bush administration has not made public its plans for Iraq without Mr. Hussein. In the absence of any such blueprint, there is widespread concern that Iraq will fracture into competing ethnic groups, punctuated by a blood bath of revenge killings against remnants of the Baath Party. This is very real, now let me tell you why...

    The looting in Baghdad's biggest cities, the assassination of a moderate Shiite clergyman in Najaf and reports of squads hunting down Baathists to murder seemed to confirm those fears. The Mongols leveled Baghdad in 1260, extinguishing centuries of Islamic achievement. It could happen again in Iraq.

    Arabs often fall back on history in divining their fate, particularly the 1916 Sykes-Picot treaty that carved the Middle East into its modern states and apportioned them to Britain or France as colonies. To this day they cite the treaty as the main cause of the lack of Arab unity, which becomes the cause of their impotence — as in their failure to influence the events that brought the war.

    So the key question is whether the United States can rule 23 million Iraqis and move them to a new form of government, virtually unknown to them after 30 years of Baath Party dictatorship, without arousing their ire and hence that of all 300 million Arabs. Misrule in Iraq could cause the surge in fundamentalist violence that many, particularly Arab leaders, predicted would be the fruits of an American war against Iraq? What do you guys think, can our nation rebuild Iraq to a better end?

  • rocketman

    Good question. No easy answers.

    If we stay too long, we look like Imperialists. If we leave too soon, without establishing law and order and a proper constituion with checks and balances built into the new government, it could end up ugly, like the whole Yugoslavian mess in the 90s.

  • ozziepost

    Perhaps the question is not framed correctly, for I see no evidence that the USA wants to rule Iraq. Influence, maybe, but not rule.

  • Prisca

    If the Iraqi people ever got the impression that the Americans were planning to rule over them, there would be complete chaos. And I have faith that the American government is not foolish enough to even contemplate such a thing.

    PM Blair is pushing for Iraqi self-government ASAP, and he has the right idea. I do think that the American government did not plan properly for post-war Iraq, as can be evidenced by the uncontrollable looting, and lack of electricity and running water. The Iraqis are happy to be liberated, but they also need basic infrastructures that ensure that these necessities are in place for normal life. It will take much time, planning and dedication for the Iraqis and their liberators to put in place a government that sucessfully looks after the needs of the Iraqi people.

  • JH

    The US can put in place an Iraqi elected (democratic) government that can govern Iraq.

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