My Memorial Experience

by dedalus 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • dedalus

    I forgot all about the memorial. (Fortunately, my wife and I did not accidentally partake of any saltines or grape juice.)

    So, on this year's Nisen 14, I played some racquetball in the late afternoon with one of my brothers, and in the evening I had a wonderful dinner with my wife and daughter. The moon that night was unusually large, and my daughter kept babbling at it in her own secret language, and to the cats we have outside, who alone seem to understand her. Later we fell asleep in a happy huddled heap after reading stories and singing lullabies.

    There was more spirituality in this typical family-oriented day than in a dozen memorials.


  • Maverick

    Sounds like a truly loving event. More sincere love felt/shown than the J-duds had the world over. I am happy for you. maverick

  • mattnoel

    Now thats how we should celebrate the memorial, as a happy family, completely forgetting that the memorial even happened - good on you mate !

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