One of those days...

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  • SheilaM

    MY crappy day:

    When I went into the darkroom yesterday the light wasn't working so I didn't want to dump the chemicals I hadn't used .
    So I called the sec of the art dept she called maintenance he said it was the switch but he added red lights I guess last night.

    well I go into today and the teachers is acting funny and I am real intuitive and I got bad vibes soon as I saw him anyway. Well I was in the closet and I said "saturation" cause the film had to much light he says "please let me speak for myself" Since I was taklking to myself not sure what he meant.
    Then I am in the dark room he comes in and yells "sheila come put up your stuff" well that started me crying cause I always clean up after EVERYONE the only reason I hadn't cleaned up is our room to process is 9X9 and we had 4 people in it so I couldn't get to the sink or the cabinet.

    So I put it away got my stuff (Sobbing the whole time) and said "I need to speak with you" we went out in the hall and I said "three things" It is NOT my fault you have an inept maintenance man, I ONLY called cause I didn't want to waste chemicals
    two I was speaking to myself (which everyone does in the lab) and three I HAVE NEVER not cleaned up after myself now I am crying the whole time he tried to say something and I said NO I"M TALKING NOW and I finished and left as I was leaving he says "I'm sorry"
    I mean does he think I had any authority over that maintenance man???????I thought the jerk would ASK before he frigged with the dark room ya know

    He never has told us like if something happens do this or this he just has us punt and I thought I did what I should have ..guess not

    Now I have a splitting headache

    <of the I hate to cry class.

  • Francois

    Next time, instead of crying, try kneeing him in the balls. Works much better and you won't have a headache, he will.

    You listen to Dr. Francois.


  • SheilaM

    Francois: that made me laugh thank you

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    What a jerk!

    I'm with Francois. Use right your right knee though and aim low.

  • SheilaM

    BigTex: WOW you two are awesome...I have this weird thing I guess from the way I grew up. I hate doing something wrong and people being mad at me LOL It took everything I had to even stand up at the end. Hmmm I guess I need to Knee first and cry later LOL

  • cruzanheart

    I disagree with the guys, Sheila -- you did the right thing by crying. NOTHING (not even knee in balls maneuver) makes a man feel worse than seeing a woman cry and know that he caused her to do so. Unless, of course, he's an abusive louse on some sort of weird power trip. He should be extremely nice to you for quite a while, so enjoy it. Save your knee for a future confrontation.


  • Gopher


    I think you did the right thing by taking the instructor into the hallway and speaking your mind. Good that you stood up for yourself.

    You hate doing something wrong and other people being mad? If you let other people's emotions affect yours, they're pulling your strings. Life is too short to let others dictate your emotions.

    They're mad? That's the way people get sometimes. You made a mistake (or seemingly did)? Isn't the education process all about trying, making mistakes, and improving? If you never made mistakes, if you knew how to be perfect from the beginning, there might as well be no school and no teacher. Teachers and even supervisors are supposed to be there to HELP you succeed, not just wait in the weeds for a time when they can criticize.

    You can enjoy this whole learning process, and even allow yourself to be imperfect! If others cannot allow you to be imperfect (and give constructive criticism to help you), then apparently they're perfect themselves.

  • Shutterbug
    NOTHING (not even knee in balls maneuver) makes a man feel worse than seeing a woman cry and know that he caused her to do so.

    I'm not too sure about that Nina. I've suffered thru both events and, believe me, the knee in the balls was a lot worse. That left me in a fetal position on the floor, the crying hurt emotionally, but the family jewls weren't hurting. Just to be safe tho, perhaps Shelia should do both, unless I happen to be the one making her cry. Bug

  • SheilaM

    Cruzanheart, Gopher, Shutterbug: You all are just awesome and have made me feel so much better THANK YOUWhen Thunder and I got married I had a habit of kneeing him LOL most of the time on accident I try never to do that now LOL

    UPdate: Yes, today sucked too I went and retrieved my negatives I forgot and then went to sculpture. One of the students came up and said that my Photography teacher had told other students I "authorized" red lights to be put in the darkroom. SO YES, I got mad stormed to the Deans office and talked to a councilor I told her what happend. She thought it was great I stood up for myself also and said that I should do so now. So I bawled went to the head of the art department and then I called Glenn at home. I told him what I had heard and that I was very hurt that he couldn't come to ME if he had a problem. I also asked him why he was mad at ME and not the dufus maintenance man that was supposed to fix a switch not install lighting? He said he was mad at the situation, I told him NO you weren't you were mad at ME because YOU YELLED at me about cleaning up and you have NEVER said boo to anyone else. I told him I wanted it resolved and that I think if he has taught 30 years he needs to place the blame on where it lies not on me, as if I could authorize anything. He said that it wouldn't effect my grade etc.

    The councilor said if I had any other problems to let her know. I FEEL so much better now and only cried throughout sculpture LOL But once I talked to him I stopped.

    Thanks for letting me vent you all

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