Easter means resurrection or death

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  • JH

    Witnesses celebrate Jesus death, while other religions celebrate his ressurection. Which sounds better to you?

  • foreword

    I think Jesus wanted us to remember the fact that he gave his life to free us from sin.

  • free will
    free will

    so why can't we commemorate his death and celebrate his resurrection?

  • DJ

    Most Christian that I know do commemorate his death w/ communion and celebrate his resurrection. There are an awful lot of mistaken ideas about what Chritians really do. If you are trusting the jw teachings to tell you what Christians really do or say or believe, well then I guess the joke is on you.

  • foreword

    dj, i agree with you.

    I'm presently doing work for a christian minister, and a few days ago we started talking about religion (or something like that). I was surprised by his comprehension of bible topics.

    It is hard once you've been a witness to comprehend that christians can have knowledge of bible truths. They are definitely more empathic to human sins. I don't always agree with their beliefs but for some reason I feel they are in it for better reasons than the witnesses.

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