I went informal witnessing today

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  • Chook

    I go to the local McDonald's for a strong latte and raisin toast and I perched my feathers on a corner seat noticing a older European guy in a suit sitting by himself, so I move next to him and said it was warmer this chair. I say you on business matters mate, he says ya but seemed only interested in his news paper. I knew he was Jw because Jw assembly hall is not in a business district. I had to literally beg him to informal witness to me.

    I pointed to the terrible Spanish terrorists on front page of his paper and said I religion has caused a lot of this , yet he still didn't bite. So I asked did he think governments would solve the problems to which he mumbled they haven't come up with a solution yet, so I asked what do you think is the solution, well his first quote was that there are 36000 different Christians denominations, I said a lot of good people there. I had to ask him what church he goes to then he said Jw .

    So now we have a religion identified. I ask are religious leaders held accountable for the loss of life to ones they have inflicted non bible based doctrine which has cost them their lives, to which our European brother says "of course " . Are you the church that doesn't have blood transfusions ? Yes that's us , I ask Is it a command to not take blood as food under any circumstances in the bible, to which he quickly replied yes. So I ask is that why you take it as absolute that you don't eat blood ,to which again nodded.

    So I ask about how my clergy brother tells me things about Jw church and I don't know whether it is true and I ask him can he verify for me because it would be better hearing it from the true source. To which he eagerly wanted to defend wt corp. Did some of your church members die because they didn't have life savings blood fractions because of a ruling from your head office who latter changed the minds and said it was no longer an excommunicating offence ? He reluctantly agreed but said it was always a conscience matter, then I said my brother told me about how your church forbade organ transplants and some JWs died , is that tue I asked?

    He was very reluctant to preach , I asked did his church baptise children he said we follow the example of first century and told me Jesus was 33 and his disciples were adults, then I said one of your church leaders Geoffrey Jackson went on the Australian royal commission, do you know him I asked to which he nodded , I said he said on the record he was eleven when he was baptised. Do you consider an eleven year old a child I ask ? Yes but some are an exception to the rule because of maturity he defends.

    So can these young one leave your church when they become adults ? Of course we are a free people he replied. So let me get this straight I ask, if I as a child are baptised in your church I'm free to leave at any time with no repercussions? To which he assured me that was so. So I ask if he has a child of his own family and that child goes to a different church will that child be still included in family outings together ? I ask to you love people from other church's to which he assured me was so, then I ask how many other Christian has he had over for a BBQ that aren't Jw.

    He had to go and told me to go to Jw.org , then I asked if I wanted to learn the bible would any local church do ? Well that stopped him . Then I said maybe if I google the name Jehovah witness it will give me correct answers, he was certainly a bit pale.


    I had to literally beg him to informal witness to me.

    Nowadays it would be easier to Pull a Tooth...


    "Witness to Us!.....WITNESS TO US!!"

    "Screw it, let's Pull a Tooth."

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  • xjwsrock

    They retreat so quickly now. There is no defense of their lunacy. It's a social club run by abusive sociopaths. Reminds me of a typical family with an abusive parent. A child will defend the parent to a point and then eventually shut down on you if you keep asking questions.

  • mrmagic

    Hah! Love your classic ending by asking if you Googled Jehovah's WItnesses would you get the correct answers lolol His pale face expression said it all. Good work! Yes you do have to beg these JW's to witness to you now a days lolol

  • mrmagic

    Did you at least count your time? lol

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    JW's don't like it when they are not the ones in the drivers seat. You clearly had control of the conversation and were bringing up points he no doubt had struggle with himself, in the past.

    This is why JW's must not be around anyone but other JW's....it rattles them to hear anyone say out loud, the things they dare not think themselves.

  • Finkelstein

    He reluctantly agreed but said it was always a conscience matter

  • pale.emperor

    I've found this too, they don't like engaging in an actual bible conversation. They just refer you to their website. It's getting more culty by the day. Just keep the flock stupid and ignorant and the big boys in Bethel will tell you what to believe.

  • stuckinarut2

    Their standard reply nowadays is "go to JW.org" for more information.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes it seems the Holy Grail for the JWS these days is their web site JWorg.

    Actually when they do do that they are in their own minds and conscious giving a witness, its kind of crutch for them when the questioning gets stuff.

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