Patient Privacy Laws have gone in effect in USA

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  • Sadie5

    Monday the Patient Privacy Laws went into effect. No information can be given out to anyone unless permission is granted from the patient. Our oldest son works at a hospital and it is immediate termination if it is found that anything is said about anyone who is receiving treatment at the hospital.

    This should stop some elders who call local hospitals to see if any JWs are there and then showing up at their room, uninvited. It should also guarantee privacy to those who take blood transfusions or have medical procedures that they don't want everyone knowing about.

    Any thoughts?


  • Satanus

    Does this protect individuals from govt snooping as well?


  • Scully

    Patient privacy laws have been around for a long time. Patient confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of medical practice. It's part of the Hippocratic Oath that physicians take when they graduate from medical school.

    It's not something new. Nor is it something new for JWs to try to circumvent these laws when they are on their 'spy missions' against one of their own whom they believe may be "weak" or faltering. They just have not been taken to task for it. Yet.

    Love, Scully

  • Sadie5

    No it didn't seem to apply to the govt. Just health care worker, or people who work in those places.

  • Sadie5

    Hi Scully,

    The news carried some of the new procedures that have to be followed. When you are in a waiting room of a doctor's office, you will not be called by your name to come in. ( Will they give us numbers?) Medical charts have to be turned over or facing away from anyone that could see them. No names listed on boards.

    No information will be given over the phone about anyone. Like hearing your grandma was taken to the hospital, you call to find out but they will not tell you she was there or condition.

    There is a $20,000 fine if the laws are broken.

    I usually take my mother to the doctor and discuss her care with him. Will have to make sure I can call him to discuss anything is the future.


  • onacruse

    I was surprised at the scope of this new Federal law. Even unauthorized family members are totally cut out of the loop...much less to say those uninvited pestiferent elders parading as chaplains/religious advisors.


  • oldcrowwoman

    It's been implemented for some time in Minnesota.

    I've seen a co-worker fired for revealing info. I am strong advocate of confidentialty. Having experience my confidentialy violated in a Treatment center. I understand. Trust important when dealing with human lives and survivors of abuse.

    I find it appalling Elders checking on others whether they use blood or not. Thats not okay.


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