Kingdom Interlinear Version

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  • Lynnie

    My mom has gone into assisted living and I've discovered a treasure trove of old WT publications, 2 interlinear bibles for example. Is anyone interested in these? I live in Seattle.

  • careful

    I dropped a line to one member who's a used book dealer. Maybe he'll contact you.

  • Crazyguy

    I would be and live south of Seattle

  • smiddy3

    I would but the trouble is I live in Australia , damn!

    The name Jehovah { Tetragrammaton} does not appear in the Greek Text that the New World Translation is based on , so my view is the name should not be in the New Testament.

    In that publication printed by the WTB&TS Jesus never uttered the name Jehovah

    The Apostles never uttered that name,

    and neither did any of the disciples or anybody else use that name Jehovah in the Greek Text.

  • freddo

    Just a note:

    I have a jw Interlinear (book form) but it is also on jwborg WT library and as yet I have not noticed a difference between the online version (which I read on a tablet a lot at meetings when I attend) and the book form. (No end sheets or charts of course in the on line one)

  • Caminante

    Even if the online version of Kingdom Interlinear has not visual elements (like no other pre-2013 publication, other than the "See the Good Land" brochure), it does have the text from cover to cover, including front and end sheets, appendixes and all the other pages apart from the actual Bible books. You can access specific pages like any other publication reference, using int as the publication mnemonic symbol.

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