Bendrr's Appendix

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  • Francois

    ...or something.

    Well, Bendrr, what's going on with that pain in your lower right quadrant? If you've posted, I haven't seen it. Are you OK?


  • Bendrr

    Hey Franc, the pain's subsided in the last couple of days. Thanks for checking! I should have the results of the blood test back tomorrow or Monday. I'm keeping the E.R. option open though.

    He could at least have prescribed something for the pain when it does flare up. Dr. said no acetominaphen because he's suspecting liver or gall bladder as the source, and told me to take ibuprophen. I did that the day before and 800mg didn't do a damn thing.

    When this is resolved (one way or another) I'll be finding a new doctor.


  • calamityjane

    Hey Bendrr sounds like my symptoms years ago. I'm female so when I went to see the doctor he chocked it up to me ovulating. (sorry guys, too much detail?) Anyways he prescribed demoral, well the days after I got pretty sick, throwing up, in major pain, and finally I was taken back to emergency, well hey, they did a simple blood test right there, found that my "white blood cells" I can't remember either too low or too high and they narrowed it down to appendicitis, now I was in for emergency surgery, because it had gone on for too many days. Had the surgery, I'm fine.

    Sometimes the symptoms with appendicitis are not text book, so you have to push the doctors a little harder. Hope your feeling better Bendrr.



  • blondie

    I'm no doctor, but could it be gallstones. Have been having attacks of nausea and pain just under your right rib cage? Some people have attacks of vomiting as well.

    Isn't it nice being diagnosed online by nonprofessionals, Bendrr?

    Don't give up in your quest.

    Try this site:


  • calamityjane

    Hey, blondie that's a possibility too. Yes gotta love the on-line non-professional help. but Hey, if you've lived through it, I say your a professional on the subject.

  • blondie

    Hey Calamity, is this a case of "your pain is my pain"?

    I have gotten some of best advice from people who have lived through it. I got the headsup on my gall bladder from a lady who had just had hers out.


  • Robdar


    Whatever the problem is, I hope you get well soon.



  • DJ

    Hi Bendrr,
    Do you happen to have a fever? If you do, I think you ought to go to the ER. The appendix is very hard to diagnose. Also, about the ibuprofin, that 800mg has to be taken on a steady basis before it can reduce any inflammation. If it is your appendix, they remove it through laproscopic sugery now and you'd only have a tiny scar and come home the same day. Really, Bendrr, if you have a fever, get to the er, you DO NOT want that thing to burst. My sister's did because she was misdiagnosed.......that was awful, she was in the hospital for weeks and very sick. You do not have a rupture or you would know it but I don't think that you should take the chance. Liver? Sorry, i know nothing.....? Take care of yourself please......go. This is a holiday week end and the ER will be behind so you oughta get checked out asap. What kind of a doctor do you have, anyway? sheeesh dj

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