Amish buggy drag race ends in crash. New two-horsepower hard to control.

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  • Yizuman

    Woman seriously hurt in buggy drag race

    The Associated Press April 14, 2003 12:35 PM

    DECATUR, IND. -- A drag race between two horse-drawn buggies ended with one of the drivers losing control and running head-on into another buggy, seriously injuring a passenger, police said.

    The two buggies were racing late Sunday on a county road in Adams County about 20 miles south of Fort Wayne when the wreck happened, state police said.

    Ruth Ann Schwartz, 31, of rural Berne, suffered a head injury when she was thrown from a buggy and was listed in stable condition at Adams County Memorial Hospital. She was a passenger in the buggy driven by 33-year-old Victor Schwartz.

    A 7-year-old boy also riding in Schwartz's buggy was ejected but not injured, police said. Four other children riding in the buggy also were not hurt.

    The driver of the third buggy, 26-year-old David Wickey, was arrested on a charge of driving a vehicle while intoxicated. He was jailed Monday under $2,500 bond.

    While the northeastern Indiana area has a large Amish community, state Trooper Bob Brophy said he did not know of any other recent problems with drag-racing buggies.

    Hmmmm, I have a hard time imagining this.....


  • Cicatrix

    Yep, this really happens from time to time.

    I live near an Amish community, and have seen buggy "drag racing" twice. One incident was two teen boys dragging down a state highway. I was mad, because running on pavement is very, very bad on a horse's legs. It can make them lame to the point they need to be euthanised. The other time, I was taking my daughter (ironically) to horseback riding lessons. We came up to an intersection where the cross traffic was supposed to stop, and I had the right of way. I had a funny feeling that I needed to stop, and it was a good thing I did. A buggy came careening through the stop sign out of control. It seems a couple of fellows were racing down the dirt road, and the one team got spooked and took off. The passenger was just along for the ride of his life:)

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