Can A Witness Work For Ann Summers?

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  • Englishman

    Well, it looks ideal, especially for those busy pioneers who need to supplement their income!

    Ann Summers is an ideal way for you to earn extra money and still spend quality time with your family.
    Planning parties at your own convenience means that you are your own boss, and you can put in the hours where and when you want.
    Women from all walks of life have found this simple, no outlay, flexible opportunity not only fits in with a family lifestyle, but is incredibly lucrative and a fun way to earn. You could be driving a company car and earning fantastic money.

    It's so easy an great fun
    Earn up to £60 per night (work as many nights as you choose)
    Choose your own hours
    30% discount on your own purchases
    No outlay
    Free deliveries
    Great fun
    Achieve a company car.

    Hmm. Must be another Tupperware type of thing.

    Maybe not.


  • teenyuck

    I think we need to have an ApostoFest with a Sex Toy theme. One of us can sign up and win free prizes and *stuff*!

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