A new way to "give" hypocritical "witness" in hospitals?

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  • Aaac

    Is this a new way to "give witness" in hospitals? I found this at http://www.tvgonline.org/index.html

    (red and "****(name)" are added by me)

    Snail Mail Wanted

    I'm going to be in the Hospital for one month - please snail mail me....

    Here is a chance for our . . . brothers and sisters to give a good witness to the staff and patients by sending a note to me from all over the world... they WILL notice because the mail is put on a counter for us to pick up on our way to our room and it will give me a chance to explain our world wide brotherhood etc etc.

    Wouldn't it be exciting to receive 451 notes of encouragement? WOW! what a witness that would be!

    My admission date to GF Strong Hospital is April 14, Monday. (I will be there approx 1 month +)

    Please snail-mail all your jokes, stories, pictures, service experiences, even your junk mail *smile*, news about your life and anything you think might brighten and bring a smile to my day to:


    c/o Arthritis - 4th Floor
    GF Strong Rehab
    4255 Laurel Street
    Vancouver, BC
    Canada V5Z 2G9

    There would be nothing nicer than to come back to my room and find an encouraging note from you after a hard day in physio-therapy etc....

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Christian Love,
    your sister,

  • Elsewhere

    That is just sad... that girl is having to beg people to send her letters so she can show-off just how "loving" JWs are.

    Maybe she should to a little experiment and see just how many letters she will get if she goes to the hospital without asking people to send her letters.

  • Scully

    This is very disturbing. And pathetic. What she really means to write is "I won't be able to go in service for a month, and I have no real friends. The only way I can put any time on my report is if you help me with this farce."

    Someone should send her Crisis of Conscience.

    Love, Scully

  • wednesday

    yes it is pathetic.She must be afraid no one will write or call - unless she pleads for it to make us look good. jws are pathetic at visitng people in the hospital, unless u are , rich, popular, an elder or higher, then they will come to try and suck up to u.

    When i was in the hopital once for depression, i got a visit from a sister who said, she knew i wasn't "in here for my back-she knew it was b/c i was crazy". u can imagine how i felt. Nothing like getting kicked when u are down.

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