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  • truthseeker1

    hey folks!

    Any Ex-JWs in the seattle area? I'm thinking about moving up there. Got the opportunity to do some programming work for a friend's business and he offered me a place to stay and a job. Is there a community of ex-dubs up there that meet up, apostafest style?

  • liquidsky

    I am south of Seattle. Tacoma/Puyallup area.

  • DIM

    I'm in the Auburn area, about 20 miles south of Seattle...Feel free to email me, [email protected]

  • Trauma_Hound

    I live in Seattle, and work in downtown Seattle. admin @ (obsfucated to stop robots)

  • Carmel

    Yep! Sure is/are! We had a great apostafest last summer. Looking forward to Princess hosting another.


  • AndrewSFO

    If you are within a couple of hours of Seattle, Washington, please consider attending a live monthly social/support group for former Jehovah's Witnesses, now forming. Long drives don't work for weekly meetings, but people who find value in it are known to make long drives for monthly meetings.

    Would you? Is it worth a try?

    I have never felt as well understood as among other XJW's when I attended a live support group. Although I have worked at recovery for many years, my experience as a JW is still with me. Getting rid of it all takes time, even when you're working at it. We XJW's face unique social, psychological, and spiritual challenges. I need the support of people who understand. Nobody really understands except other people who've been through similar experiences.

    Do you need that support too?

    Because of my experience with a live XJW support group, I know how to facilitate a group like this. There is no religious agenda. Freedom of mind is encouraged. Learning how we were affected and how to recover are the goal. Or just being there to socialize with people who have been down the same road.
    If interested, please write [email protected] with a subscription request. Please provide your telephone number, as I will call before subscribing you to make sure you are not a current JW spying on us.

    We'll decide on a monthly date based on what works for the majority of those interested

  • Mulan

    I live about 20 miles North of Seattle. So does my daughter, Princess.

    There are lots of us here, actually. Not all post here.

  • blondie

    Ex-JW support group forming in Seattle:

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