CSA - An Offender Typology.

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  • LostintheFog1999

    In relation to a study program being undertaken I came across this accredited article and thought it would be worth sharing with this group.


  • Vidiot

    Wow, that was… exhaustive.

    Know what jumped out at me?

    300+ known offenders and 700+ known victims in the Southern Baptist Convention reported and documented over 20-odd years.

    It’s pretty clear by now that (just numerically, let alone proportionally) the Org has way more of both, though.

    And the WTS is fucking tiny compared to the SBC.


  • Vidiot

    I originally thought the problem started in the 70s and early 80s as (among other things) a side-effect of the Org’s increased insularness after the 1975 embarrassment and apostate witch-hunts that followed…


    …now I’m starting to wonder if the JWs weren’t a pedo playground right from the get-go, and the Org leadership deliberately dialed up the exclusivity and persecution rhetoric - and, by extension, the rank-and-file’s suspicion and mistrust of secular authority…

    …specifically to hide it.

  • ThomasMore

    Vidiot - spot on.

    The cases of CSA in JWdom do indeed go back many many decades. The bean counters didn't really start organizing the data until the computer age came along. The filing method and the structure of the desk assignments (by state) of Service Dept. made it difficult to really see the expanse of the problem. As well, there really was an attitude that CSA was a moral shortcoming, not a crime to be addressed seriously. Some desk men hardly thought it was worth addressing.

    The effort to organize that particular occurrence of sin did not really get traction until 2014 onward. They had the cases digitally, but it was impossible to search effectively and to get statistics without meta data. They started that in earnest around 2015. I am aware that the effort to do that took it's toll on decent men who not only found that their religion had a huge CSA problem, but that they were also covering it up from authorities. AND, settling lawsuits out of court with such frequency that the trajectory of their bank accounts was shrinking faster than the contributions were coming in.

    Meanwhile, the word in litigation circles was spreading fast. WTC was a pocket that could easily be gotten into if one had a case they didn't want to go public. The few that went to court went because the plaintifs wanted too much to settle or just wanted to give WTC a black eye. I don't blame them.

    Selling the KH's to stay in the black was absolutely related to the exponential growth of CSA settlements. Now that some states have extended the statute of limitations for litigation, they are getting more organized to sell for the greatest effect instead of panic. All KHs have been appraised by LDC and they are positioned to sell when the situation merits. Criteria for selling/keeping KHs was implemented and seems to be the rule of the road. The Menlo Parks of the 90's are no more. WTC took ownership and any challenges are quashed immediately. They are much more methodical now to get what they need without decimating a region of sheeple by selling too many or the wrong ones.

    I am still amazed that they are falling on the sword instead of outing the abusers. It makes one wonder just who they are protecting? I am aware of cases from the 50's that were brushed aside as if the victims were inconsequential. Some good men followed the direction of the Service Dept with no questions, no objections.

    I think the gig is up now, and WTC knows the end could be near. Hello Pennsylvania!

  • Vidiot
    ThomasMore - “…just who they are protecting?”

    “Who” is important, but also “why?”

    Odds are the “who” are higher-ups, and the “why” is, of course, because the identities of the “who” (and/or the sheer volume of offences) seriously calls into question the WT’s claim to fame as “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization”.

    And they will do anything to protect that premise.

  • Vidiot

    BTW, is some of that post of yours deductive reasoning, or do you actually have a bit of inside info? (don’t doubt it, genuinely curious)

    If so, and your assertions that the Org’s accounts are indeed circling the drain have merit…

    …where the hell did the $3B from the Brooklyn property sales go???

  • LostintheFog1999

    Vidiot, your earlier post above referred to the 70s and 80s.

    The WT admitted that they had a problem with child abuse (child molesting) within their ranks back in the 80s.

    It was mentioned in passing in their Watchtower magazine of January 1st, 1986, page 13. Interestingly, the opening sentence to paragraph 12 makes reference to "prominent" ones. Clearly these were elders and ministerial servants who were caught on and disfellowshipped, making you wonder how many more weren't caught on and were able to carry on by virtue of their prominence within the congregation or organisation!

    Copy of the relevant page inserted below:

  • ThomasMore

    The why IS important Vidiot.

    I think you probably know. There are also some aspects of CSA that WTC would rather no one know. They have dealt with things that even JW R&F cannot accept, so the why is because it is just too much to survive.

    LostInTheFog - that article addressed a broad range of immorality in the organization. The 36,638 DF'd ones mentioned was misdirection intended to lead the R&F to believe that all the immorality was outside Bethel. It was not. Wife-swapping was an issue among Special Full-time servants in missionary homes and at Bethels. The same was true for homsexuality and child molestation. There were other sins of course but they were not mentioned.

    Note that the paragraph stated that "the great tribulation will clear out all those who are disgusting in their filth." WTC did not and has not cleared out all such ones. Many were given a pass and continued to do more of the same. Chitti and Greenleas were not DF'd. They were 're-assigned'. The word salad of WTC is disheartening for those who once believed that they did indeed abhor such behavior, notably CSA.

  • Lee Marsh
    Lee Marsh

    The cases of my 13-yr-old aunt and I happened in the early '60s.

    This deceit has been going on for many many years. Some ex-JWs have told me their abuse occurred even earlier.

    Historically, most people did not want to deal with this issue. It was never reported. "Uncle Bill" was funny, or liked to diddle little kids. It just happened and no one did much to stop it.

    Very rarely was the accused shut out of the family. Mostly it was hidden allowing the accused to continue to abuse the child or move on to find other victims. One estimate is that a true pedophile has up to 70 victims before he is stopped.

    I say a true pedophile because the definition of pedophile is that the person main attraction is to children. But not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. Some just take advantage of a situation and children are easy targets. My father and stepfather do not fit the definition of pedophile even though both had many victims. My father was an situational sexual offender. If no adult was available he turned to children. My stepfather, on the other hand, thought all females were his for the taking regardless of age. Both regularly had sex with women. That was most likely their preference. But under-age girls would do just as well if they were available.

    Unfortunately, we don't make that distinction among the exJW community. Some may be pedophiles but I suspect most are situational offenders or molesters.

    Either way, the WTS, like the pubic ignored the problems (thank you Dr. Freud who lied to protect his reputation).

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