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  • JH

    Here in Quebec, since a few days now, we can turn right on red lights. We must be the last place in the world that adopted this.

    I was expecting that just about at every traffic light this would take effect, but no, only 30% of intersections allow it. 70% of intersection, you can't turn.

    How is it in your part of the world, can you turn right on red lights?

    If ever you come to Quebec, remember that cars don't stop when people are in the street. You better get out of the way, because drivers here are agressive. I heard that elsewhere, like in Ontario, if a person sets foot in the street, cars must stop and let the person cross the street.

    How is it where you live?

  • Matty

    You cannot filter left on a red light in Britain. Left lanes usually have a separate light. Most traffic intersections in busy areas have cameras now and so if you jump them you'll get a fine through your door in a few days.

  • teenyuck

    We can turn on red....I recall this was implemented during the Nixon years to save fuel. The reasoning being that if you sit and idle, you will burn more gas. Gas shortages were happening then. Early-mid 70's. I was not driving yet, but I do recall it really messing people up. Lots of accidents at those intersections.

    Now it is the norm. Very few intersections that don't allow it.

    I am under the impression that the pedestrian has the right of way; if they are in the cross walk. If they dart across the street and you hit them, it is their fault for causing the accident. (at least in Columbus, OH.)

    Traffic laws and enforcement are different everywhere I have lived in the US. In California they followed you by helicopter and when you passed a check point, issued a speeding ticket. You never got pulled over.

    Here in Ohio, I know I can drive 74 and not get a ticket. (the speed limit is 65). The troopers and cops are looking for people over 75. The ticket will hold and the person more than likely will pay if it is 10 miles or more over the limit. Also the type of vechicle you drive will get you pulled over. I never see Corvettes pulled over for speeding. It is kids in Neo's or other *souped up* types.

    I have driven by cops with radar going 74 and they let you go. They only seem interested in more than 10 over. Even on residential streets. Our street had kids speeding all the time. The cops came and put up an electronic thing that records your speed. They ticketed anyone going more than 35 (speed limit is 25).

  • Matty

    I've known from experience that zebra crossings are different in countries other than Britain. Here, you can just walk straight onto one and the traffic stops. If they don't and knock you over you can sue their ass off, they go to jail and lose their diving licence. In other European countries it's different - nobody takes any bloody notice of zebra crossings and if you walk onto one in front of a car you're pretty much roadmeat.

  • greven
    How is it in your part of the world, can you turn right on red lights?

    Nope, not in the Netherlands.


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