puttin' in your special pion. time

by wheelwithinwheel 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • wheelwithinwheel

    I was heading off to work early Sat. morning 2 weeks ago. As I walked up the deserted streets I noticed a young man sauntering along ahead of me. It popped into my brain that this guy looked like a JW – greatcoat, earflaps on his hat and bookbag. As I began to overtake him, he gave a practiced swing sideways, with a tract in his hand, and said "How're you doing today?". I wondered who this nut-case could be, out in service at 7.20 in the morning, on the day of a snowstorm, on a deserted street, so I asked around. Apparently he's the new addition to my old congregation. A special pioneer that's been parachuted-in by the WT. .....puttin’ in his time.

  • TresHappy

    We stopped by the gas station in the a.m. the other day and my hubby commented that the people in the next car to us were really dressed up for going to the gas station, dresses, suits, etc. I said they're JW's...he said how can you tell, and I said, there are several in a car group, out on a Saturday morning, they're stopping for a coke/potty break. He said you can spot those people a mile away...I said unfortunately yes...

  • rocketman

    I saw three women walking on a street downtown on Monday. I work in a downtown area, and I see them from time to time. They are jws, and interestingly, I never actually see them conversing with anyone. They just seem to walk along. Who knows, maybe they're just taking a stroll and counting the time.

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