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  • Fruitcake

    It is way too sad and prophetic that the Governing body has to beat its fellow slaves... ... a lot more are claiming heavenly calling, so they {shut the doorway of the heavens so no one else may enter?}Matthew 23 :13

    when Jesus came to earth, the powerful pharisees wanted everyone else to think he was a loony, so they wanted him put to death to shut him up. He spoke the truth, and inwardly they knew it.

    The GB knows the truth, the calling is on love and acceptance, I am sorry they must be so comfy in their cushy offices, how many phone calls have they rejected, how many letters have they thrown in the trash? How many articles do they have to write, impying someone is a loony if they feel the calling to a closer relationship to Christ.

    Why are the common folk so deserving of disfellowshipping, shunning, or just plain, made to feel like a loser if they dont meet up to the hours. And if your sheep have personal problems, well, forget it, NO LOVE shown to them, they must not be attending enough meetings, or saying enough prayers or something. The pharisees liked to stone people, the GB likes to ignore people, disfellowship, or shun, same thing, the person is out of sight, out of mind, DEAD to them .

    Why must they beat their fellow slaves? Matthew 24:48-51

    Because the master is delaying, they have been wrong on dates so many times, and their skinned flock will catch on, we will find another shepard!!


    Fruitcake, that was an interesting post.

    As far as finding another shepherd:

    ...be your OWN Shepherd; see with your own eyes; hear with your own ears.

    If you can follow your own reasoning and rationalization, you will do fine my friend.

    But it was an interesting post Fruitcake.

  • Francois

    Razor has got the real mojo workin'. There is an awful lot to the injunction "Be still and know." It's an individual's injunction to each person to "be still," to quiet the left brain and listen to the small voice of the spirit coming from the right brain saying, "This is the way."

    The stars are, after all, out during the day. But the sun is so bright they can't be seen. In the same manner, the voice of the Spirit speaks to us at all times, but the roar from the left brain is so loud we can't hear the Spirit. Still the left brain and listen for the Spirit with the right.

    So you can see with your own eyes, and be your own shepherd.

    Good post, Raz.


  • rocketman

    Fruitcake, your post and especially the last paragraph, were interesting. I had not thought of Matt 24:48-51 from that perspective before.

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