What teachings from the WTBTS still hang on now that you've left?

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  • NaruNaruChan

    For example, I think I'm the only lesbian in the world who dates with a view toward marriage. Anybody experience the same kind of dogma in your everyday lives? Like, you have to catch yourself and go "woah... what the heck was I thinking?!"

  • Hamas

    The ones that are clearly evident from the bible.

    Most people think that once you leave the borg you stop being a Christian. On the contary, you just become a better one.

    One big one that I just cant seem to shake off from the borg teachings is 1914. To me, thats black and white !!!!

  • Max Divergent
    Max Divergent

    I've tried to think of somthing that I beleive that's the same as what the JW's believe... but I can't... Not even a single thing...

    That said, I don't do much differnet now to when I was a JW - I just have different reasons for it (I like to tell myself...). And if those reasons changed, so would my actions (I think...). But I don't knowingly do things or catch myself doing things becasue they were what I did or beleived as a JW - although my upbringing and life till 28 must have heavily influenced my general demenour.

    Thanks for the question.(and lighten up on those poor girls whydonch 'ya:-)


  • proplog2

    Try this exercise.

    Take a copy of the Reasoning book and go down the alphabetical list of topics. Check off the ones that contain problems. What do you have left?

    For me... not much.

  • simplesally

    I didn't throw out the baby with the bathwater. So many of the things that the WT teaches are basic principles for living: be honest, don't lie, don't steal (now I am not saying they themselves have followed all the principles they teach, just that they do teach those things). I think I still believe that Jesus and God are separate persons. I don't believe in hellfire, Trinity or even the immortality of the soul. I don't believe though, that God is going to destroy everyone who is not a Jehovah's Witness because they have done so many bad, controlling and even erroneous things all the while claiming that people had to follow them or suffer death at Armegeddon. I am sorry, too many people would be turned away from that, so why would God punish people who saw through them. I do believe they teach some things that are beneficial, just not everything they teach.

  • JT

    i WILL ALWAYS hang on to this one,


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