Blatant Lie, or Unwitting Contradiction?

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  • OneFingerSalute

    Just a comment here about the idiocy of this mornings WT.

    In one paragraph that was yapping about faith and prayer the writers made the statement that faith could be shown by praying for material things, not just spiritual things. They used the "give us this day our daily bread" quote.

    A couple paragraphs later they said prayers are only answered if they were in harmony with God's will.

    So I guess it is God's will that my frail very elderly parents are virtually ignored by the congregation they are in. I guess it is God's will that after over 135 years combined time in duh troof between them they are kicked to the curb, accused of being selfish, unloving and they are laughed at and ridiculed by the eldurrs, the eldurrs families, and sheeple in general because of the frailties of old age.

    They (that congregation) will be damned by God for their cruelty.

  • rebelfighter
    Wait, never a JW and I do not read their stuff but does it really say to pray for material things? Really?
  • fastJehu
    § 14 .... We show such confidence by praying for help that is not limited to our spiritual needs. Jesus said that we can pray for material things, including “bread according to our daily needs.” (Luke 11:3) ....


  • JWdaughter
    How are your folks dealing with this? It must be difficult for them if they really believed all the schlock. You are still in, right? How/have you approached these others about how they disrespect your parents?
  • prologos

    $13 "--This work requires that we have faith in God’s timing of the coming end of this system of things, believing that “it will not be {too} late!” [Hab. 2:3)] One way to measure--"

    Hope not to derail, --I was struck by the statement above, tying faith to the dating attempts of the wt, and faith is expressed by the measure of service to proclaim the end comings soon, (but really around 2075, if you follow David Splane's logic. )

  • Vidiot

    onefingersalute - "...they said prayers are only answered if they were in harmony with God's will."


    By that logic, praying becomes pointless...

    ..."God's will" is gonna play out they way He wants it to anyway, so why bother?

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Well, that's new. I don't ever remember being encouraged to pray for material things. It was the SPIRITUAL stuff that trumped everything.

    After all, we were all supposed to keep our eye simple, put kingdom interests first, not show a materialistic spirit, and be satisfied with our daily bread.

    Could Jehovah's chariot be trundling down to the local Harrod's, then?

  • Vidiot

    "Jehovah's chariot" is off-warranty.

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