Are Jehovah's Witnesses Really (Volunteers?)

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  • Voyager

    Hi everybody:

    When searching for the definition of the word (volunteer) my dictionary defines this word as: One who serves or acts of his or her (own free will). To offer or give of one's (own accord).

    Starting from the very beginning of the Organized to Accomplish our Ministry Book, chapter 2 page 12, the main heading there reads: Benefiting from Theocratic (Subjection.) The dictionary defines the word subjection as follows: Under the authority, rule, or power (of another). Liable, Dependent, an individualas an object of study or experiment, to gain control over.

    These descriptions, or meanings certainly do not have the flavor of (own free will).

    Taking only the subject of ministry or field service, these are some of the key words used by the Watchtower Society, to maintain control of those it claims are (volunteers). Taken from Organized Book.

    Page 127---As dedicated servants of God, bearing his name, we are (under obligation) to reflect Jehovah's glory in all that we say and do.

    Page 128---Wicked influences from the world around us and our own sinful tendencies make things difficult at times. All of this (requires) a spiritual fight on our part.

    Page 96----Dedicated Christians have a (personal responsibility) to share the good news with others.

    Page 94----There are many opportunities that present themselves, but individually we (must) be alert to turn ordinary conversation into a witness.

    Page 95---Of course, if you have a personal territory it will be (your responsibility) to get in touch with as many people in that territory as you can.

    Page 97----From the time you begin conducting a home Bible study with an interested person, (encourage) him to speak with others about what he is learning from the Bible. He could be (urged) to speak with relatives, friends, work associates and others on an informal basis.

    Page 98----So whereas (you will certainly) want to help your Bible students to become publishers of the good news, and to report field service to the congregation even before baptism, caution (must) be exercised when inviting them out in field service for the first time.

    Page 99----Those who share with Jehovah's Witnesses in their activity (must) be leading a life that harmonizes with these scriptural (requirements).

    Page 104--Congregation publishers are encouraged likewise to put Kingdom interests first and (exert)themselves in the ministry to accomplish all that they can in the field according to their individual circumstances.

    Page 106--It may (move him) toward making even greater efforts to serve Jehovah and to turn in field service reports regularly each month.

    Page 107--At times reports may indicate that particular attention needs to be given to certain aspects of our ministry. (Encouragement) may be needed or it could be that there (are problems to be solved).

    Page 109--We do not know what (final report) Jehovah (will request) from his dedicated people when it comes to making a (permanent record) of the grand preaching work accomplished during the time of the end in fullfillment of Matthew 24:14.

    Page 110--But will we be found faithful in having discharged our (responsibility) to share in the ministry at hand?

    Page 111--What Jehovah (requires) of each one of his dedicated servants was expressed by Jesus.......

    Page 111--As soon as an individual (qualifies as an approved associate) of the congregation.........

    Page 113--A pioneer publisher of the good news (must) be an exemplary baptized Christian.

    Page 114--To qualify for appointment as a regular pioneer you (must) currently be in a position to reach the yearly field service (quota) of 1,000 hours.

    Page 115--To qualify for missionary work a person (must be) between the ages of 21 and 40 and have good physical health.......

    The list could go on and on. I have only quoted from a few pages of the book, so you can imagine how many commanding, controlling, phrases the entire book must have.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are not Volunteers, they are victims.

  • teenyuck

    I think you have answered your own question

  • gumby

    JW's only (in 99% of the cases),...... volunteer for things that are related to their Organisation.

    See how many of them you can find who volunteer outside of their group. No good samaritan attitude with them!

    All of what they do are acts of rightousness before men (i.e.) door to door, time slips, talks, working on a hall, etc. The reason for this isn't that they are selfish's the way their Organisation is structured that makes them that way....( which is a whole subject in itself )


  • unclebruce

    Good thread Voyager,

    Get out there and volunteer folks - volunteer organisations need all the help they can get. .. and it's really great fun - you can help street people, fight bushfires, rescue animals, plant trees along creeks for landcare, hold saucage sizzles for the needy ... and then in the afternoon ...:)

    enough agenda items for now.

    unclebruce who now knows how to conduct real meetings.

    ps: JW volunteering never felt satisfying (beyond the age of 16)

  • Uzzah

    Good hearted people volunteer whereas others are volun-told.

    I believe many JW's fall into the latter category.



    JW`s are volunteers!..Volunteers with a gun to their heads..Don`t follow WBTS instructions, you and your family will die..Period!....WBTS works for god.God needs Extortionists.Extortionists and money..Don`t forget the money..Ching$$$$$$$$$$...OUTLAW

  • Jayson

    Are Jehovah's Witnesses Really (Volunteers?)

    Addicted v.t.- To have given oneself up to (a practice usually bad) and be or become unduly dependent on. (it)

    volunteer n. a person who undertakes some task or service of his own free will, esp. one who chooses to join the armed forces.

    Do addicts still have free will?

  • ARoarer

    Since Witness elders are voluteers and not paid and formally educated paid clergy, they should have not right to ecclesiastical privlege. They are employed outside the Kingdom Hall. I am not sure what the laws are from state to state.

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