Waiting for a rainbow

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  • nilfun

    Mama took the cubs into her lap.

    "Everybody gets into an argument once in a while," she said.
    "Even folks who love each other very much."

    "You and I don't have arguments," said Papa.

    "Oh, yes, we do," said Mama.

    "No, we don't," argued Papa.

    "We're having one right now," said Mama, "about whether or not we have

    While Papa thought that one over, Mama went on to say that occasional
    arguments are part of living together.

    "We get angry, even call each other names and say things we don't
    really mean - and after a while it's over."

    "Like the storm?" asked Sister.

    The rain had almost stopped, and the sun was beginning to shine through
    the clouds.

    "Yes," said Mama. "Like the storm."

    "Look!" said Papa. The sun shining on the last of the rain had made a rainbow.

    "A rainbow is something very beautiful that happens after a storm," said Mama,
    looking at the cubs.

    "You mean like making up after a big fight?"

    "Sort of," said Mama.

    excerpt from The Berenstain Bears get in a Fight by Stan & Jan Berenstain

  • teejay
  • Shakita

    Very nice, nilfun. Yes, the best part of fighting is the making up part! I know a couple who say they have never had an argument in their married lives! They are either lying through their teeth, or aren't human!

    I loved reading the Berenstain Bear books to my kids when they were younger. They used to collect them, I still have them somewhere. My favorite....The Messy Room. My kids didn't seem to get the message in the story though, they are as messy as ever! Great books for kids!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • nilfun

    Hello there, Teejay & Shakita-

    I think I love reading these books to my children as much as they love hearing them. Every night we have story and song time together, and I think when these days are over, I'll probably miss it more than my kids will.

    Yesterday, I was talking with my son as we drove home from the store when I suddenly noticed the trees lining the road we were traveling along; they were covered with pink blossoms. I pointed them out to my son, and he said, "Yeah, I noticed that" and then with a smile, "...hey Mom, they did that last year!"

    So we got to talking about the seasons, and how the cycle continues on, year after year. My heart was full and it felt so good having him there with me.

    He said, "Yeah, the flowers will always come back, won't they Mom?" I nodded happily in the affirmative.

    Then he said, "Until the earth blows up."

    I turned to look at him...he had a twinkle in his eye and he started to giggle. We both got to laughing so loud, we almost woke up little sister sleeping in the back. God, I love that boy.

  • SixofNine

    please tell me your kids aren't 15, lol.

    Then he said, "Until the earth blows up."

    I think he's going to be just fine.

  • nilfun

    Hi SixofNine,

    My oldest is in the first grade.

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