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  • kilroy2

    I just finished watching a program about the hitler youth. I is amazing the parallels between the hitler youth [the way the goverment recreuted them and brain washed them] and the way the tower workes.

    first thay would recreut the members. give them a status thay are better than the nonmembers. no social classes, you are all alike better than nonmembers. you would not socialize with nonmember. thereby making the nonmembers want to join and the members to stay in. thay were tought not to think for them selves to trust in the goverment. the indivdual was not important but the whole group, and all that you did was for the group. thay heald larg meetings so each member could see the vast numbers of other members. there by giving them the pier persure to stay part of the orginzation and work harder and not question. they were tought to put the orginization first over even parents. [the socity says that thay dont do this but how many of us have seen kids as soon as they turn 16 17 disreguard parents and go head long in to a pioner or other activity that the socity asks. It is intristing to see how many of the socitys people control practices are taken form the 3rd reich hand book.

  • peacefulpete

    High control groups of all stripes use similar methods, often the difference is in degree and objective. Go to the AFF American Family Foundation and read some of the articles defining cult methods and identifying unethical control techniques. Learning to identify these underlying issues will protect a person from falling victim to any number of unhealthy movements and organizations.

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