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  • Leon

    Dear all,

    I am new to this.. and I am a Buddhist.. deep inside..

    i got some friends in the 80s and 90s that where Jehovahs witnesses.

    I lived a long live... and I had some real bad experiences..

    like my son died in age 16 lost him to the big C.

    # talked a lot with god, and of course with the evil.. no one could help..

    right now, I only want to live my life..

    But what I see is death, murder, abuse and horror...

    that was the clue, about why I get to ur site.. the emotions, the truth and the reel straighness about the lack of humanity. muslims will kill our religion.. every christ is calm.. but I see a lot of truth in what u say.. what u react about child abuse.. and I say that is right... ur right... but ur not straight/bad enough!

    there was an article about an american, who shaked his 18 month old child to death..

    and I saw your replies about that... that u would pay, to get him in your hands... that was amazing!

    I will hunt rapers, abusers and the evil... let me know.. u got my mail..

    I know, I am in Dating/Relationships... but there was no other subject that fits..

    It´s like a relationship..

  • blownaway

    You have to focus on the good. There is a lot of bad things in life. Try to find the positive. Sorry to hear about your son. As I get older people die off and its hard to look back.

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