Ahmadiyya Muslim Remembrance Day

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  • barry

    Today I met with my friends and attended Remembrance Day with the Ahmadiyya Muslims. The Ahmadiyya are not terrorists, they don't believe in killing those that leave their religion,they fly the Australian flag and respecter laws.

    There was seven of us in total including 1 atheist , three Anglicans one a priest , one minister from my former church Adventist, and of course two wives that had to sit up the back [Just joking].

    The Ahmadiyya are persecuted in Pakistan because they are not considered proper muslims many come to the west as refugees and I believe this is one group we can trust and live with as neighbours. Does anyone have an opinion or contact with this group please share.

  • Biahi

    I've never heard of these people, not sure how to react.

  • smiddy3

    barry I was just wondering if the Islamist / Muslim faith has anywhere near the different sects that Christendom has .

    I would be very surprised if they do because Christendom has over 40,000 different sects.

    Have you any idea how many different sects their are with the religion of Islam / Muslims ?

    I didn`t have much success doing a google search in finding this out.

    just curious.

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