JW's and their hypocritical rhetoric!!!

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  • anti-absolutist

    After reading Francois' last post, it reminded me of how easy it is for JW's to ignore common sense. What, to you, is the most ridiculous justification that they have used to refute you exposing their religion as possibly not being THE TRUTH?

    For myself, when I have discussed with them the greatest scandals that have come up lately, (U.N., paedophiles, etc.) the one quote that has come back the most has been: "Well ,you know Brad, it is a PERFECT organization run by IMPERFECT men."

    Is that even possible? Every time I hear that I want to slap 'em upside the head (not literally) and, after I have their attention, say, "Do you even listen to what you are saying? If you want to believe you are in the TRUE religion, even that I can handle. But why be so damn hypocritical by saying the org. is perfect even though the men aren't?"

    It just frustrates me that, most of these people, in a non-biased conversation WOULD NEVER say anything that stupid!!!

    What other experiences has anybody else had?


  • rocketman

    I don't have an experience per se, just an observation that they use the "imperfect men" excuse to justify their errors in their religion, but are obiously quick to classify other religions as "false".


    You must all listen to WBTS!.. It is an imperfect organization,directed by a perfect god..Only a perfect god would use an imperfect organization..If you don`t agree,start sniffing glue or going to meetings..It all makes total sense if you only have one working brain cell.....OUTLAW

  • DanTheMan

    The whole "imperfect men" Watchtower mantra gets very tiresome, but I guess for some dubs hearing this excuse repeated again and again and again never irritates them, it only strengthens their convictions . Not too much brainpower happening in JW land. Just a bunch of heads trained to nod in agreement, yup yup yup yup.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    "Well ,you know Brad, it is a PERFECT organization run by IMPERFECT men."

    Uhhh, can't any religious organization make the same claim?

  • anti-absolutist

    Double Edge - Actually Christianity as a whole has a similar mentality. Thus the reason that I have a hard time accepting the Bible as Christians do.

    However, in dub land, there seems to be no objectivity. There is never any thought that maybe some other faith is as right as their's. JW's are right and all the rest are wrong.

    This gets me back to the point that common sense goes out the door!!!!! (I had a talk with a guy about unions tonight and at the start he thought I was in complete disagreement in the usefulness of unions. After some discussion he realized that I only felt that unions have caused just as much harm as good, and the conversation ended on a very positive note.)

    This ability to reason is non-existent, it seems, with JW's. WHY THE HELL IS THAT THE CASE? I have been shunned by my entire immediate family and many other close relatives, and all I want is for them to accept that I BELIEVE that my personal belief in God is as acceptable to HIM as their's is.

    Is there any hope???????????


  • Maverick

    Ray Franz talked about the Governing Body hiding behind the 'organization'. Claiming they are imperfect men but the organization is directed by God so it must be perfect. The J-dud just lap it up. The GB attach God to anything they want the RF to follow. It is a very simple formula if you think about it. Action GB wants RF to embrace; ACT/proposed, plusGOD/GB, equal results. Maverick

  • benext

    I once asked an elder if the Society had ever admitted being wrong. He said they used the phrase "adjustment" which is a stronger term. I think he had a hard time believing that one himself. I've long since tired of hearing about Moses and others being imperfect but this not stopping God from dealing with them because they were all he had.

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