Is Jesus your savior?

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  • JH

    When you were a witness, who was your savior, Jesus or Jehovah? Both are called saviors in the bible.

    So who is it today?

  • JamesThomas

    The human mind is carnal and finite. It can only know and perceive what is carnal and finite. In it's desire to know ultimate or spiritual truth it constructs gods and saviors in it's own image, as that is all it can do. Years ago I discovered that there are people throughout time of extremely diverse histories and upbringings that awoke to or realized the same ultimate truth. There are those who have gone beyond anthropomorphized "spiritual" images of persons, gods and saviors outside of them. Those who commune intimately with an Infinite unknowable Source, that is more real than phenomena. Jesus taught that the Kingdom was within. That makes no sense to the mind, but the image of Jesus (the man) does; so it worships Jesus (the messenger), as many worship Buddha or some other finite concept or image. The Witnesses worship the "person" Jehovah. That's just how the mind works. The discovery of Infinite, or ultimate Truth -- is through a different avenue. JamesT

  • JamesThomas

    JH, I hope I didn't put the kibosh on your thread

  • freedom96

    I think the witnesses actually think the WTS is their savior. That is what were taught anyway.

    For me?


  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    No. Haven't had need of a savior for some time. I find taking responsibility for my own decisions, based upon my own reasoning (or lack of ) enhances the quality of life. The one thing that can get under my skin is when Christians ask me, "Are you saved?" EEE GADS!!! Yeah, saved from that mindset - thank you very much.


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