The Book of the Dead

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    The worshipers of YHWH didn't live in a social vacuum. They merely adapted what was already in place. The fact is that YHWH rose to the ranks of supreme being for political reasons to keep the kingdom united(politics and religion keeps people in subjection). It is the same scenario I think for Constantine uniting his empire by making Christianity the government sponsored religion with him as pontifise maximus.

  • Crazyguy

    Another thing most Christians don't realize is that the Egyptian empire ruled over they area called Israel up in to northern Lebanon and at times as Far East as the Euphrates river. They have found Egyptian artifacts all over this area and the Armana letters confirm this as well. So when Moses left Egypt he took gods people and went to Egypt.

  • schnell
    Be careful about what you read concerning Egypt and thier similarities. Some of what has been taught in the internet is inaccurate. Example, Jesus is a remake of Horus, not true and many of the things said about Horus can't be found in any place in Egypt.

    Take that up with the Egyptologists that predate the Internet, because from every single thing I have ever read about Osiris/Isis/Horus, the similarities are quite clear. It was clear in the late 19th and early 20th century too, Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth and all.

    The story of Set killing his brother Osiris and Horus avenging him after Osiris conquers the world of the dead sounds a lot like the Lion King, as well. It's the monomyth, the Hero's Journey. Of course it was used to fill out the narrative of Jesus.

  • Xanthippe

    The Lion King was based on Hamlet. Themes of families and feuding are in Greek mythology as well of course, but then we have created our gods in our own image.

  • Ruby456

    the link I think is the Mediterraean (I mean for connections and links)- plus any clamactic upheavals that disrupted regions of power - each time this happened people had to return to simpler living for long periods of time but they drew from what they remembered of old dynasties, they drew from what they knew of nature and also from the cataclysmic effects it could have on their footholds in life.

    I don't think they were primitive compared to us - it is just that from more "complex" living they needed to return to "simpler" living and then start the journey of making living more complex once again - living off the land v living in large cities. such cycles repeated themselves. in fact we may need to return to much simpler living if Trump has his way !!! but whatever happens we will probably call living off of the earth in a simpler life paradise once we re-establish city living and look back.

    edit: perhaps the heart of Africa or the heart of Australia, of Siberia, of S America or the US will be the safest places to be - Africa would need to be cleared of most of its wild animals though if we are to survive? after that we will once again take our old stories and make new ones

  • Ruby456


    I love how the idea of Khepera ("to become") predates the idea of Yahweh ("causes to become"), however you look at it. Yahweh's roots can be drawn back to not only Canaanite but to Egyptian gods, and of course, because Canaan was a vassal of Egypt

    becoming is suggestive of evolutionary process and I like the word too.

  • Ruby456

    where is everyone

    just want to say please don't take my edit too seriously as I was simply following thru on a train of thought. For me the earth gives evidence of numerous upheavals and changes and humans are latecomers to the scene.

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