Bali Victims Remembered Today in Sydney

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    Bali victims remembered in Sydney

    The six-month anniversary of the devastating Bali bombings was commemorated by the renaming of a headland in Sydney's east where many of the victims had lived.

    NSW Premier Bob Carr and Randwick Mayor Dominic Sullivan oversaw the ceremony marking the anniversary of the bombings at a memorial ceremony on Coogee Beach.

    About 600 people, including more than 300 family and friends of the victims, watched as Mr Carr and Councillor Sullivan unveiled a plaque listing the 20 eastern suburbs residents killed in the October 12 attack last year.

    "These 20 names are held high in our hearts as I now dedicate this beautiful piece of earth to their enduring memory, where at the rising of the sun and the passing of the years we will never cease to remember them," Mr Carr told those attending the ceremony.

    Emotional families and friends of the victims, some of whom had travelled from Queensland and country NSW to attend, supported one another as 20 white doves where released over the beach to signify the 20 local victims.

    The Premier also officially renamed Coogee's northern headland Dolphins Point, in memory of the six Coogee Dolphins rugby league players who were killed in Bali while on an end of season trip.

    "It won't bring them back to the life they have lost and that they were enjoying so much before October, but it will at least be possible to imagine them here, gathered at sunrise in their team jerseys posing for a photograph...and in our memories young forever," Mr Carr said.

    Around 200 people were killed, including 89 Australians, by the two suicide bomb attacks on the Sari and Padi's nightclubs in Bali's Kuta beach tourist district.

    Mr Carr said Dolphins Point would serve as a memorial to the victims and as a place of reflection to all those affected by the tragedy.

    The six members of the Coogee Dolphins Rugby League Club who were killed in the bombings were Shane Foley, Clint Thompson, Josh Iliffe, Adam Howard, David Mavroudis and Gerard Yeo.

    Club president Albert Talarico said he was honoured to have an area of Coogee renamed in memory of his teammates.

    "The boys would be proud that this memorial overlooks Coogee Oval where they played the game they loved," he said.

    "It also fittingly overlooks the ocean in which they swam and most importantly it overlooks the place where they had the most fun - the Beach Palace Hotel."

    Prime Minister John Howard today expressed his sympathy to the families of the Bali bombing victims and said the nation had not forgotten them.

    "I want to assure you that with all that has been happening in the world recently, the Australian government and people have not forgotten you," he said in a statement.

    Mr Howard said financial, health and counselling support to the families would continue and the Australian Federal Police continued to work with Indonesian police to bring those responsible to justice.

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    In memory of the 200 victims who died 6 months ago.


    I'm glad you posted that Prisca, because, sad to say, had you not mentioned it, I would have forgotten.

    My sentiments to you and your lost and/or missing Australians.

    It was an unbelievable tragedy.

    Let's not forget those, regardless of nationality, of the loss of life taken so needlessly by these shameless acts.

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