Lotto and gambling

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  • Maverick

    I knew witnesses that went on cruses and hit the slots, done it myself and the goody, goody ex-wife too! Now I buy a Fla Lotto ticket twice a week, even did the Tats in Australia. Anyone want to fess up? I won the football pools at a local diner six times last year and it paid for all my other tickets/games. Maverick

  • cruzanheart

    I won $5 on our Texas Lotto. That's my only new vice after leaving the Borg.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I've never won anything and so I doubt very seriously I would win anything playing the Lotto. But as a kid I always wanted to play "gambling games". So whenever I happen to find myself in a 7-11 I give my inner child a treat and buy a Lotto ticket.

    So far I've matched one number out of six each time.

  • larc

    After my wife and I left the religion, my JW sister lived with us for a short time. One night, I played nickle - dime poker. At today's rates that would be more like quarter-half dollar. At any rate, I came home with a pocket full of change. I had done quite well for mayself. My sister was appalled, and said that what I did was a form of extortion. I thought that was the funniest thing I had ever heard. I told her that it was simply an evening of fun amongst friends. The stakes were low, and no one was concerned about either winning or loosing a few bucks. Today, I like to play black jack now and then, and overall I break even.

  • qwerty

    We have sindicate at work for our team!........about 10 of us.

    We've won the odd £10 and a bigger win of £100.

    You never know! day!


  • Francois

    Anytime I'm overcome with the desire to play the Lotto, I drive by a convenience store and just throw ten dollars out the window. I figure I've got about an even chance to win.



    I know I am entitled to unclaimed millions of dollars somewhere.

    The lottery is my best bet to find it. Mind you, I have to pay a fee to find it.

    I'm still looking though.

  • freedom96

    I do enjoy Vegas, and gambling. I consider it entertainment. In Vegas you are going to spend a couple hundred on a good dinner and show, and I enjoy craps or black jack just as much.

    I don't expect to win, but if I break even, I consider it a fun night. Don't care for slots though.

    Lotto, chances of winning is so little, it is not worth it.

  • Mutz

    I do the Lottery here in the UK every now and then. I've not won anything though. I did pick seven numbers for a friend in Norway and five came up a few months back, the prize was only about £100 I think so no early retirement yet. :)

  • liquidsky

    I spend a couple of dollars a week on lotto tickets. My JW family frowns upon it but if I ever won big I'm sure they would all want a piece of the pie.

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