Why do subjugated people adopt the religion of their oppressors?

by James Mixon 6 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I always wondered why African slaves adopted the Bible. For the life of me I couldn't understand the attraction. Of course this is not only African slaves who adopted the religion of their oppressors, so I came across a article "the above topic".

    Five reasons 1)Coercion (2)co-option (3)conditioning (4)convincing (5) materialist consequences..In the case of the African slaves they made sure that plenty of bibles be shipped to the south and used to keep the slaves in line... So my question, what will be the religion in the destined future,JW's(no way),Scientology (hope not),Christianity, Islamic or maybe no religion??? What say you.......

  • Simon

    To survive.

  • schnell
    So my question, what will be the religion in the destined future,JW's(no way),Scientology (hope not),Christianity, Islamic or maybe no religion?

    Destined or distant? Idunno, perhaps some weirdly reformed mesh of Christianity and Islam? Maybe we'll find ourselves with the Orange Catholic Bible and a cult of witches who are breeding a messiah. We'll find ourselves at odds with the planet no matter what, though.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Simon: agree.

    schnell: I guess I was thinking about JW, yes distant.Maybe we go back to worshipping the stars and the one above.. (your picture)...

  • scratchme1010

    I think the denomination itself won't matter much. The future of any of them, in my opinion, depends on how successful they are at maintaining their people at bay and growing in money, numbers and power.

    There are a few things that all of us as human beings need that we alone cannot provide, a sense of comfort, reassurance and certainty about the future, a sense of belonging and community, approval and encouragement, etc. Subjugated or not, people still have those needs.

    For as long as religion keeps providing (or giving the illusion that they are providing) ways of fulfilling those needs, they will always be in business.

  • Fisherman

    Part of human nature to want to be accepted and to assimilate and to want to fit in and be like others. People start to look alike sound alike, peer pressure, and there is a syndrome when people are in captivity that causes them to be like and accept their captors.

  • punkofnice
    what will be the religion in the destined future ?

    I'm not totally sure how it is in the U.S.A. I hear stuff about how awful it is over there. I hear how fundy people are over Xtianity. I hear lots but until I visit the U.S of A, I'm trying not to hold a definitive opinion. So, why did I just say that? Because I don't pretend to know. I can only comment on the UK and have someone disagree as usual....because people will. It seem that religion is dying over here. Perhaps there will be no religion as such, just traditions left. Islam seems to be thriving though.

    I agree with those observations that the main reason the African slaves took on Xtianity was to survive and find acceptance too.

    Obviously the future isn't written yet. Speculation can be totally wrong. After all we're not wearing tin foil suits (well, I'm not). We are not flying in hover cars. We don't listen to music that is all beeps and discordant shrill electronic noises. (Unless you're into gangsta).

    I think two religions will survive, Islam and Xtianity,,,,but to what capacity who knows? That's the Brexity May ruled UK. I can't speak for Mr Trump's kingdom.

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