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    Just a few inspirational examples of what you can get done if you're willing to expend some sweat.....
    Feel free to add your own to this list.

    • Lynn Hill is the only person to free-climb the 3,000-foot Nose route on Yosemite's El Capitan in a single day. (Outside)
    • Guy Delage swam across the Atlantic Ocean in 1995. (Outside)

    • Kathleen Lindsay wrote 904 romances.
      Sylvester Stallone turned to writing when he couldn't even get an extra's part in The Godfather. "I became so focused that I painted my windows black. I'd watch a show on television, absorb the best part of it and write a similar scene like a duplicate. I began to understand what drama was. I was very prolific." The story is that he had $106 dollars to his name when he was offered a million dolars for the rights to Rocky. He turned it down, insisting that he play the title role himself. He had a facial nerve damaged during childbirth which paralyzed the left side of his face and became the highest paid actor in movies. (Los Angeles Times)

    • Ruth Lawrence passed her 0 level maths at 9 and A level at 10 (18 is normal) and entered Oxford Univeristy at 12.
    • Mehmed Ali Halici quoted 6500 verses of the Koran in 6 hours

    • Seymour Papert pioneered the computer language LOGO.
    • Francis Collins lead the Human Genome Project. He works 100 hour weeks. He flies more miles in a month than most people do in their lives. He puts decals on his motorcycle helmet for each gene they define. When he was seven he wrote a script for The Wizard of Oz and directed it. He would spend hours contemplating dividing numbers by zero. He graduated from high school at age 16. He has done charity work in Nigeria. (Time Magazine 1994)

    Special Abilities
    • J.H. Pullen was severely retarded and deaf but a master carver and artist. He once spent 7 years building a ten foot model of a steamship which required him to affix one and one-half million wooden pins and 5,885 rivets.
    • Leonardo da Vinci could write with both hands at the same time.

    • Van Gogh often turned out a painting per day.
    • Ross Perot was the son of an East Texas horse trader. He became an Eagle Scout and Annapolis graduate. In his sales job with IBM, he once filled his annual sales quota in 19 days. He now has assets of $3.3 billion dollars.

    • Stefansson, an Arctic explorer, was known as Softy as a boy.
    • Itzhak Perlman is paralyzed from the waist down and yet goes on concert tours as a world-renown violinist. (4th Course of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Canfield)
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    Thanks megadude,

    Inspirational indeed, never judge the book by its cover. Personal fav Leonardo da Vinci.

  • nowisee


    - failed in business in l83l

    - defeated for legislature in l832

    - second failure in business in l833

    - suffered nervous breakdown in l836

    - defeated for elector in l840

    - defeated for congress in l843

    - defeated for congress in l848

    - defeated for senate in l855

    - defeated for vice president in l856

    - defeated for senate in l858

    - elected president in l860

    if at first you don't succeed......... don't ever give up.

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    Edith Eva Eger is widely known for being an excellent psychologist. Executives, movie stars, politicians, and military commanders seek her help when they need emotional help.

    Edie Eger is an Auschwitz survivor. She was sent to the death camp at age 16. All of her family members were killed, but the Nazi officers decided to keep her alive because she was a ballerina. They had her dance for them.

    Her physical survival is a miracle. When the allied forces entered the camp, Edie had a broken back and weighed only 40 pounds.

    Her emotional survival is a story of incredible courage. For many years she suppressed her hatred for the Nazis and her guilt about living while others died. Her emotional recovery took a long time. She got married, moved to the United States, had three children, and earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and started her practice.

    When I interviewed her she told me, "What makes me effective I didn't learn in my psychology program. Everything I know I learned from Auschwitz."

    "I can't erase the experience," she said, "but I can integrate it, come to terms with it. To overcome my experience in Auschwitz I had to learn to become compassionate and forgiving. You must be strong to forgive. Forgiveness is not condoning or excusing. Forgiveness has nothing to do with justice. Forgiving is a selfish act to free yourself from being controlled by your past."

    "I remember feeling sorry for the German officers and soldiers as I watched them flee through the open camp gates. I remember thinking to myself, 'I will have painful memories of what happened, but they will always have to live with memories of what they did.' I lost my family in Auschwitz. It was very traumatic. But I have integrated the experience, and I'm the person I am because of it."

    Edith is a woman who radiates love and warmth to everyone. She known for her quiet, healing presence and her deep understanding of people going through extreme emotional crises.

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