"You know it is, you know!"

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  • Redneckgurl

    I kept hearing these words from my mother today, she kept saying, "You know it is the truth" "you know the end is coming" "you know there is only one true religion, there is only one truth" "you know, you know, I know you do"

    aaaaahhhhhggggg! It makes me sick to hear her say that, I have always responded to those words with "yeah, I know", but this time I didn't.

    A friend that I haven't spoken with in quite a while from the KH DA'd herself the other night, I found out. Well, today I find out that her best friend is either DF'd or DA'd also. I am wondering, "hmmm, why didn't my mother tell me about this? Did they just vanish off the planet, or what?" Whenever I mentioned it, my parents acted like I just said the name of a murderer, and this was someone my mother used to really like, and seemed to relate to. Seems she doesn't care much now, she just thinks she is awful. Actually, she thinks that Satan got to her mind and that she isn't thinking clearly right now. I wanted to say "No mom, I think she is thinking more clearly than ever." but she started saying "you scare me when you talk like this, you really scare me."

    Well, she is a total basket case already, how can I do this to her? I told her that she can't say that my friend doesn't love God anymore because my mom doesn't know what is going on in her head, she doesn't know what she is going through, that DAing oneself does not mean that they deny God and Christ. She looked at me like I was terrible and was some kind of poison. I tried to play it off like I always do, I am the eternal optimist, always trying to find an excuse for someones actions, so I acted like that.

    Oh, what would she think about me? She would probably kidnap my kids to get them away from her "satanic" daughter. I hate that JW's think that way about everyone. She has no idea, no clue. I fact, she even said that people listen to lies about JW's so much that they start to believe them. Well, I heard something once, looked it up to see if it was true, and it was. I did not discount it as a lie like they would have wanted me to do. I found out it was true! I wish she wasn't so blinded by the "light".

    Glad I can talk here!


  • NaruNaruChan

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    I have no idea what you can do about your mom, bec my family isn't in the troof, but if I were you, I'd try to get ahold of ur friend who DAed and talk to find out why... ^_^

  • goofy

    Boy, can I relate to you. My Mom is always telling what I know too. I know this is the Truth. I know this is the only organization doing Jehovah's will. I know I know, I know. I want to scream "No I don't know that!!!!!!" but it would hurt her to bad. I just tell her, "Mom, you know we hold different views", Which is bad enough. I just wanted to let you know I empathize with you, but sadly, I have no answers.

  • sandy

    My family members are good at saying things like this to me too.

    I hear that nonsense from my father who is disfellowshipped. After he tells me to get back to the meetings there isn't much time left and "you know it's the truth" he says I need to get myself back there too.

    A HUGE WHATEVER TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then every now and then my siblings will start hounding me too. I dare not tell them they are full of crap because I don't want to be shunned.

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