shooters? Drinking before meetings? Anyone?

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  • goofy

    Ok, up to the last I would make sure and have a few drinks before I went to the meeting. It helped me relax as I am very hypertense and up to the last was going crazy listenning as I truly believe the speakers were getting more boring than before. I never did but thought it would be cool to sneak a shooter in your purse and down it in the restroom mid-way, but I can't drink hard liquor straight, so that didn't happen. I knew some drinkers in the congregation but they would not consider drinking before the meeting as they wanted to stay alert. Hell, I wanted to be out of it up to the last, lol. Did any of you ever use this tactic or similar ones?

  • TresHappy

    Never been much of a drinker, now I am so totally against it, but that's for personal reasons. If I had drank before the meeting, I would have fallen asleep. Good idea now, but at the time, someone would have surely counseled me for being lit.

  • RunningMan

    I always found that having a couple of stiff drinks before the meeting made the thing much easier to take. I always wondered if they could smell it on me. Then, I thought, who cares? If they do, they will probably just be jealous.

  • berylblue

    I've gone to meetings after having had a glass or two of wine. Made it easier to handle.


  • goofy

    That's what I would do have a couple of glasses of wine. It helped. Once a pioneer sister was suspicious and approached my Sister to ask her if I had a drink before the meeting. My Sis told her I did, she (the pioneer sister) never did ask me personally though, lol. I am sure they had a nice conversation in service the next day.

  • digderidoo

    Someone who i used to work with (married to a jw....never baptised tho) told me once, that he went out on an all night bender one friday night, got totally blottoed, didn't have any sleep, smoked a couple of joints in the morning....then went out on field service!!!!!

    All i can say is, wish i was there to see it!



    I can remember my dads friends having a few shots of vodka before they came to give their talk at the meeting...OUTLAW

  • ARoarer

    OMG that brings back memories. During the last year or so that I was in I would have a glass of wine, usually a full bodied red, or a port, and sometimes down a valium with it. I was having panic attacks often in those days before going to the meetings. The kingdom hall sybolized a battlefield to me, with the elders always pulling us into the library for our stand on sexual abuse issues we were dealing with. Drinking wine now is done for enjoyment, in the spirit of ozziepost and his wonderful wine selections he mentions here on the forum. Oh, and by the way, no more panic attacks since leaving the Watchtower Publihing Inc.

  • truman

    I never personally had any experience with using alcohol to get through a meeting, though toward the end those anti-depressants helped some. But my son, who left a few months before I did, later told me that on at least one occasion, he attended the meeting definitely under the influence. We had the book study group in our home, and he was a good reader, so that often he would be asked to do the reading at the last minute, if the regular brother couldn't do it for some reason. On this particular evening, I guess he had stoked himself up for the night's theocratic ordeal by downing no small amount of hard liquor in his room earlier, a fact certainly unbeknownst to me at the time, and unsuspected. Anyway, there he was sauced to the gills, and the P.O. asks him to do the reading cold, since he had not even cracked the book before hand. Somehow, he managed to pull it off, and I never noticed a thing. He said he just tried to be very concentrated on it. Fortunately, no one was the wiser.

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