Watchtower to pay $34M to abuse victim in Montana...jury verdict just in

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  • krismalone

    As we already heard the good news today, another verdict this time in Montana, against the Watchtower for covering up child sexual molestation. The bad coverage and lawsuits hit the fan in 2002 with Dateline. Before that, the policies that protect pedophiles was pretty much unknown (except for insiders).

    This begs the question...Will the Governing Body ever learn that they cannot keep these type of crimes from authorities? How many lawsuits and negative media coverage will it take to have them change their policies on how they handle child molestation?

    Just one simple letter to the elders will stop the bleeding, something that says:

    "Dear Brothers,

    We have received new light. From now on we will obey the laws of the land and no longer will we protect pedophiles from authorities (Romans 13:1). When ever you receive a report of molestation, call the police FIRST and cooperate with them by providing them any information you may have to help the authorities get the accurate and complete information they need. This includes any confession the abuser made to you and access to the Congregation judicial commitee files. No longer will you need to lie in court about not knowing crimes committed by members. No longer will you refuse to cooperate with a search warranty for files or to appear in court to testify. Moreover, from now on you will allow the trained detectives, forensics team and psychologist handle these type of matters as it is beyond your skills of expertise. Protecting the innocent children from sexual abuse is our priority even before protecting the image of the Organization (Matthew 23:23)."

    Your Brothers

    Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

    PS: To the Governing Body, you have my full permission to use the exact words in this letter I drew up myself using common sense and a semi-decent conscience. Oh and you're welcome for me saving you guys of future exposure, humiliation and most important to you....Millions of dollars in future lawsuits.

  • Crazyguy

    Their as arrogant and narcissistic as Donald Trump! They view thier followers the average JWs as their slaves and view woman worse!

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