The word for Seraphim also translates to snake or serpent??? Really can change or explain bible meanings

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  • Bad_Wolf

    I was answering a post whose conversations went into the book of enoch in which I had read before.

    I came upon information that Seraphim also translates to serpent.

    I have long thought the old testament does not mean what most religions have interpreted.

    If seraphim translates to serpent and if satan or opposer or other entities, the dragon or serpent in revelation, etc......

    Then the fiery serpents that bite the israelites in the wilderness, fiery seraphim. the serpent in the garden of eden is a seraphim. Seraphim are described as fiery.

    Anybody read hebrew here?

  • Vidiot
  • careful

    Try "burning ones" or "fiery ones." "Seraphim" is plural; the singular is "seraph."

    Surely you can use wiki like the rest of us:

    Serpent is an entirely different word, or actually two words:

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