Sad Reality...

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  • cognac

    I think as more and more of these changes become effective, slowly some will start to notice. Even though they've done layoffs, not a lot of people have actually "felt" it hit. Announcements are very different then actually feeling the effect.

    Give it a few months, when these people feel the effect from having no job. They will probably be living in someone's basement, becoming a drain on that family also.

    Don't they have until December to find a job? I wouldn't expect much backlash until maybe the summertime.

    I also thought some of the layoffs won't be effective until August. This is just going to take a little time.

    Right now, they are under the assumption Jehovah will bless this and help everyone.

  • done4good

    These types of things cause significant cognitive dissonance. This is expected behavior.

    Give it time to process, and as cognac mentions above, the effects to be experienced.


  • daringhart13

    The vast majority know nothing about nothing.

    Talk to them about Australia, who owns KH's and Bethel layoffs...

    They just look at you like 'huh?'

    And this includes elders.

    They are deluded people who just go about their weekly schedule with no thought as to what they're a part of.

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