Does this happen to you often?

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  • Dawn

    Lately it seems I run into JW's almost daily - in the store, at the bank, at school, at the healthclub. I have even run into them out in service while they're at the house next door to where I'm dropping off my kids for daycare, or going to visit a friend, etc. I have been out so long now that most of them don't know I'm an x-JW, but I recognize them by the books in their hands or they have a songbook in the window of their car.

    Of course, I have always run into them occassionally - but over the past several months it has been an almost daily basis. I wonder now if God is trying to send me a message - like.......................... HELP THEM!!

    I'm interested in hearing your thoughts.

  • mouthy

    If you saw a kid in the road & a car coming!!! would you warn him/her???? Well theirs is a more frightning end. I think the HOLY SPIRIT( the Helper) is saying Dawn! dont you want to help them get free from bondage???? my 2 cents

    You asked I answered (((hug))

  • Dawn

    Thanks m - that's what I've been thinking. I'm just not sure how to start.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    I tend to run into them all the time. I have to go to Home Depot nearly every day to get materials for work and always see people from the hall. They usually turn and run when they see me. They used to be my friends, they know why I left the org. When I learned about the "discrepencies" in the "Truth" and voiced my finds, I was told to shut up. I didn't and was asked to leave. I spent enough time as a dub trying to save people that "were not interested". I won't waste any time now trying to "unconvert" any of my old friends. I think them just seeing me live my life and smiling is enough to make them wonder. After all I don't run away wheen I see them.

    Dawn, do what your heart tells you, but don't feel guilty for your freedom or obliged to save them.

    to steal a phrase from Mouthy, "my two cents"


  • topanga

    let them twist ...let them twist slowly in the wind. They chose the lie, some of them like it in there even though they know its wrong and knowing this they will turn on you anyway just to keep favor with the others . Leave them alone if they are ready to face the truth and they ask you fine but don't fool yourself its just the call of the cult.

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