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  • Crazyguy
    Not at liberty to say anything right now, what you sound like the borg.j/k. Dont leave us hanging we need some details, it will make our week and its only Monday so dont hold back! Please! Please dont do this to us i have needs, needs man needs!
  • cognac

    Flipper- welcome back!!!

    FYI - They might be saving about 25mil per year for the 1600 Special Pioneers they are demoting. I wanted to give you that update.

    1600 (Special Pioneers) x $1300 (per month) x 12 (months) = 24,960,000.

    This is just a guesstimate based on feedback on here.

    However; please keep in mind. They are laying off about 25% of SP's. If the numbers are correct, that would mean the expenditure is still about 75mil for SP's.

  • sparrowdown

    Yup, I smell a rather large rat with this financial situation.

    Can't wait to find out what it is.

    Good job Mr and Mrs Flipper, you guys are the best xxoo

  • bafh
    What I read looked like it was for WT Canada...how are those numbers related to WT USA or any of the other entities worldwide? What are the real numbers? Can those numbers be verified on any website that is not "apostate"?
  • cognac

    Bafh - you are correct.

    Also, specific numbers from their other entities, for the most part at least, can't be legally posted online.

  • cognac

    Also, those numbers are not related to the US numbers or any other entities worldwide.

  • bafh

    So then, we don't know that they are really losing any money. It is easy if you have multiple entities to simply move money around by charging one of your businesses for the services of another. Nothing illegal there, but a common strategy.

    I doubt that these numbers, especially if they are the only ones publicly available, reflect anything real.

  • cognac
    Bafh - If you've noticed all their cutbacks, just from that alone you can tell they are having problems.
  • Magnum

    flipper: With the stopping of worldwide WT construction, the laying off of thousands of workers, and the cutbacks and downsizing of the printed materials - something is happening behind the scenes that the WT Society is not coming clean about to rank & file JW's . As you realize it's not just that they " want to emphasize the preaching work." Nice try there WT leaders but we know bullshit when we smell it.

    I second those words.

    If our suspicions are right, then they are lying by saying that the downsizing, etc. is to focus more on the preaching work. They're no different from government agencies or businesses that use propaganda, spin, and lies.

  • Simon

    WTS finally being honest with people and admitting that the real reason for the cutbacks is they lost the money.

    Aaaaand it's gone, it's all gone. (please donate soon!!)


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