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  • flipper

    O.K. So my wife and I were curious so I researched some financial links and found records indicating that the WT Society has been operating at a loss since the year 2012. As you read the links it shows a loss of 10 million $$$ in 2012, about 16 million $$$ in 2013, and a whopping loss of 56 million $$$ in 2014 - where the expenditures exceeded the revenues for each of those years in the amount I've mentioned.

    Also there is a link on this same website with the SEC records indicating that the WT Society and it's representatives funneled 40 million $$$$ into hedge funds in the Cayman Islands as early as 2007. If you look online on other sites you can see evidence that indicates the WT Society attended Hedge fund conferences to look into more shadiness in 2011 and isn't it curious that by 2012 the WT Society started showing losses. So perhaps we may be onto something here. Anyway here is the link : https://www.watchtowerlies.com/the_watchtower_revenue.html .

    Feel free to check this link out and other links on that link indicating the Cayman Island connection. Or any other connection. Who knows ? Some of this shit may be contributing to WT Society's financial situation. Bad investments that either went south or are currently in the process of going south. As always I look forward to any other information you folks may provide. Or comments regarding this. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila
    Ha Ha, thanks, I heard they lost millions Aug 24 2015 but I have no confirmation. Who was managing their money, some pioneer with a high school diploma?
  • cognac

    Wow... Do you have any links?

    Also, do you know if that is that an accumulative loss or loss for the year?

  • Crazyguy
    We're not a lot of those losses right downs,? I thought their money manager was a 8th grade drop out pioneer that took an online accounting course?
  • Virgochik

    My head is spinning, trying to analyse this. Great work, flipper! Are they really losing money, or hiding what they really have, to appear they're struggling so they can claim they can't pay any more victims?

    Ha, John Aquila, they're spirit guided, by Jim Beam, don't you know.

    Hopefully someone with a good financial base can interpret this for us! I'm a retired postal supervisor and this reminds me of the USPS, constantly claiming a loss for the fiscal year, but in reality hiding the profits they made.

  • OneEyedJack

    Im dont claim to be a stock expert, but I do my share of investing and you usually only lose money when you withdraw, that is unless you are investing in very high risk or fraudulent funds which can quickly go to zero.

    So if this is true, the society is either investing the dedicated funds in extremely high risk endeavors, or is financially incompetent. Maybe someone who knows the market better than me can explain further or correct me.

  • betterdaze
    I’ve been looking into these, from a 2008 WTBTS PA filing:

    JP Morgan Alternative Property Fund Domestic I, LP

    TPF II-A, LP

    The Cushing MLP Opportunity Fund I, LP

    Milestone Real Estate Investors II, LP

    Hedge funds based on real estate and energy. One is set up for pensions. Some notes:

  • cognac

    They can't hide money unless they are doing it completely illegally, which I doubt. It is possible though.

    If they are hiding something, it's not going to be long until it's uncovered at this point...

  • Simon

    Either they weren't "relying on Jehovah to provide" (relying on some hedge-fund manager in a tax-free haven instead) or their god allowed someone to syphon their money away.

    Neither shows much divine operation at the helm.

    I think many JWs would be shocked at the idea of the WTS 'investing' money in something that simply screams shady / tax avoidance / cult leadership. Many will still dismiss it and fall for the lies of needing more money.

    Yeah, they need money to get rich off, not to further their supposed world-wide work.

    Incredible too that getting tax-free status in countries isn't enough. They want tax free investments as well.

  • betterdaze

    JP Morgan Alternative Property Fund Domestic I, LP

    “An open-end enhanced real estate fund investing in alternative property types such as hospitality, for-sale housing, and non-income producing investments in development and redevelopment.”

    “A $600mm real estate fund focused on non core property types including student housing, assisted living, self storage, and hospitality.”

    Zamansky & Associates LLC Investigates JPMorgan’s Alternative Property Fund

    New York, New York (PRWEB) March 03, 2013
    Zamansky & Associates LLC is investigating sales of JPMorgan’s Alternative Property Fund, Greater China Fund, Fleming European Property Fund and U.S. Real Estate Income & Growth Fund hedge funds (the “Funds”). The investigation focuses on whether these Funds were suitable for, and the risks properly disclosed to, investors by the financial advisors who sold them.

    On August 9, 2012, a lawsuit was filed against J.P. Morgan Securities LLC by an investor in these Funds. The case is Esrisk Investments LP v. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC, Docket No. 652764/2012, Supreme Court, State of New York. The lawsuit details numerous alleged misrepresentations made by J.P. Morgan in the sales of the Funds.

    Zamansky & Associates LLC is investigating the sales of these Funds to other investors. According to Jake Zamansky, “the Funds, like most hedge funds, are speculative and high risk investments that are not suitable and appropriate for conservative investors or retirees.” The Funds are also not suitable or appropriate for most retail investors who are inexperienced or unsophisticated, and cannot truly appreciate the risks, Zamansky believes.

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