Supporting the troops

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  • Sadie5

    I wanted to share how our little town is supporting the troops. A list of of soldiers that were not receiving mail was obtained and our elementary students are writing to them.

    We have several young men and women serving from our town and 'freedom boxes" were place at several stores as well as the public library. there is a list of affordable things that can be purchased to be shipped to soldiers. Things like personal items: baby wipes, shampoo, socks, foot powder, gel insoles, toothepaste, sun block, razors,writing paper, ink pens, etc. Also small snack items like pringles, cracker packs, energy bars. You can purchase any of the items and place them in the box. Cash donations are accepted to help cover shipping costs too. Soldier's mother or other family member will then receive a box and the funds to ship it off to their loved one. It will come from their home town.

    The American Legion is presenting "Blue Star" banners to families that have ones in the military.

    We usually fly our flags along main street on every patriotic holiday. They have been up since the war started and will continue until it is done.

    Just a small view of life in a small town in America.


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