Positive Affirmations About The Watchtower Corporations

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    With all this negative information in the news about Watchtower Corporation's cover up about child molestations and so many other topics I find it very hard to have any positive affirmations about them as a corporation based on their denial and extreme form of control towards their members to keep them subservience to keep the organization and remain profitable. But I also realize that all this negativity has a negative effect on me. I personally wish they would go bankrupt and be nonexistent or burst into flames and all the GB and their helpers wind up in prison.

    But on second thought I feel it much better if the GB and the other higher ups would recognize their position(repent) and abdicate their authority and return sell all their assets and return the profits to the faithful that are still a live and make a confession about their dubious claims and behavior.

    So to be positive, I wish the GB by some miracle would do so. and this is my positive affirmation:

    "I wish these deludes fools to a concept no harm, but simply that they admit their faults and dissolve(sell) all assets and return to thier faithful brain dead followers all monetary assets and acknowledge their errors." This replaces my first thoughts of complete and total inhalation to a more positive end to their existence as a money making non profit corporation.

  • mann377

    I hear you. I also wish they would crash and burn but this would only happen in the twilight zone.

  • Vidiot
    mann377 - "...I also wish they would crash and burn..."

    I don't.

    The Org could - theoretically - recover from something like that.

    A long, slow death by attrition, however?

    How many regimes have bounced back from that?

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