Gone 3 years from here

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  • kozmo

    WOW! I haven't been on in three years now, I pretty much got myself caught up to date and times change as always. We moved down to Florida last year and I ran into some JW's at a booth they have in a Flea market here, Kissimmee, 10 minutes from everything Disney. So, I decided to test the waters with them. I asked them about the current stand on Blood and why so many people had to die from years of abstaining. Their answer? Go to the WTS Web site. So, I pressed them about what they new about the past policy......Go to the Web site. ????? I don't believe that they can give their own personal witness on matters anymore, ia this true and a common practice? Oh, it's good to be back. I was formerly known as nomoreguilt. Also, is Flipper still around?

  • bohm

    Flipper is still around and he has become a grandpa! The Website is a common practice, everything is about directing people to it. Have you checked out their new video section (tv.jw.org)?

    Oh and by the way, guess who are in moneytroubles? :-D

  • ToesUp

    Welcome. Yes Flipper is still on here. I really enjoy his posts.

    The JW's don't understand what they believe. The "light keeps getting brighter" so fast they can't keep up. lol

    Even our still in family members (old timers) admit they don't understand everything. How can you? It makes NO sense but they just keep on like a bunch of robots. Sending them to the website is the only way they can answer questions. Let someone else do it.

    So frustrating!

    Anyway...glad to have you back. So many are waking up recently!

  • kozmo
    Thanks for the welcome back folks! As time goes on I will have many more questions on what's developed with these people. I have a son who is still in and I don't discuss this with him. I know that he is only there for the appearances as he is married into a very large jw family. Keeps the peace between us. If anyone happens to speak with Flipper have him get in touch with me. I see the messenger app here, and he can give me his number as I have lost it with the theft of my last phone. We used to have some very long conversations, great guy!
  • kozmo

    If any of you are in the Kissimmee area let me know. My wife and I are now retired.

  • cappytan
    If any of you are in the Kissimmee area let me know. My wife and I are now retired.

    I'm nearby. Tampa area. Recently moved here as well.

  • HappyDad


    I moved from Pittsburgh to Bonita Springs 20 months ago.


  • iwasblind
    Welcome back - I am finding that the majority of JW's don't even know their own beliefs anymore - I call it a spiritual lobotomy. Really sad. I hope your move goes well, I am from Australia so no chance to meet up anytime soon :-)

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